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Help decoding this rifle.

Sako Collectors Club Discussion Forum

Hi I purchased this rifle a while ago NIB. I need some expert help on telling me more about it.

I look forward tolearning more about it.
Sako Model 75 Hunter Grade .243 Winchester
M= medium action
NS= no sights
DM=detachable magazine
KC = key concept
Standard grade. The key concept was unfortunately a bit of a detractor. The rest should speak for itself. Hope this helps.
The Model 75 was made from 1996 to 2006 when it was replaced by the current Model 85. Although nice rifles, they tend not to have as strong of a collector following as the older L & A series rifles. The Beretta moniker on the label indicates it was made after 1999. It will not be stamped with the model number, but will have a roman numeral III on the left side of the action indicating the medium action size. They also came in size I(short), SM(short magnum), IV(long) & V(magnum). A size II (PPC) was in Sako's initial plans but was dropped before actual production started, as they made the PPC rounds on the III size action.
Just to add one note: The Model 75 had three forward locking lug placed at approximately 120 degrees apart, making the bolt lift about 60 degrees instead of the approximate 90 degrees of the more conventional two-lug bolt. This provides a little more bolt handle clearance of the scope along with perhaps marginally faster operation of the action. The 75 was very nice and many Sako enthusiasts have called it "the last good Sako made". But then some Sako enthusiasts regard the L46 from 1946 as "the last good Sako made":p. The Model 75 was the first Sako offered with the choice of an internal box magazine with floorplate or a detachable magazine. There are advantages to both, so it was nice to be able to have a choice. I don't currently own one, but I wouldn't be embarrassed to put it in the same safe as my older Sakos.
Got to thinking that if the III on the label designates the action size, could the M after HUN designate a Matte finish on the stock? Pictures are worth 1000 words!
I’m pretty sure you are correct as I re-look at the label. Believe I stand corrected. Sako was doing an oil or matte lacquer finish on the 75 Hunter rifle.
Thanks to all who have helped me understand the Sako terminology. The kc I had no idea of what it might be. I will try to post some pictures once I get it out of the box.
Again thank you for enlightening me.
Sako Hunter, KC yep that was a bit of a “wank”
I know of owner’s that became paranoid about losing the key!!!!
It seems that Beretta are starting to go thru another one of their
“Brain wave?” Periods - we’ve had it with the S20 n now they are going with the M100!!??