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A request for a Level #3 service includes the search for the Date of Manufacture/Inspection of one firearm plus all other available information from the Factory Production and Sales records.

The Letter of Authentication will state the rifle’s Date of Manufacture/Inspection, and if available the original configuration, date of shipment, store or distributor to whom shipped, and number of identical rifles in that shipment (varies from one to over 100).

This letter will be signed by the President of the Sako Collectors Club and will bear the embossed seal of the Club.

The result of each search will be posted to the address you provide at checkout and will also contain an actual copy of the information listed in the Factory Records.

Records are available for the following Sako rifles:

P46 0001-9500
P54 20001-42052
L46/L469 1-59050 (including some transitional L461´s)
L461 1-111849
L57/L579 0001-115300
L61R 1-48900
VL63 1-10500
M39 200,001-510810
M28-30 35710-72920

We are sorry, but if a rifle does not fall within the above serial number ranges then we do not have the records on it!
Please don’t make requests outside of these ranges since it will simply slow the process for everyone and cost SCC to make a refund of your payment.

How to:

When checking out, in the box which says: “Leave a note for SAKO COLLECTORS CLUB STORE”, submit the Model designation (L461, L57 etc.), Caliber and Serial Number of Your rifle to receive by mail, a Letter of Authentication.
The Letter of Authentication will be printed on the Sako Collectors Club letterhead on parchment paper suitable for framing (see actual example in the product listing ). This service also includes a copy of the actual records which will be sent with the Letter of Authentication.

Addresses on the Letter of Authentication

Please let us know whom you want us to address the Letter of Authentication to.

It can be addressed to you and your own address, another persons address or ”To whom it may concern”.

It is your choice so please add this to the information in the box saying ”LEAVE A NOTE FOR Sako Collectors Club Store” when checking out.

Please feel free to add more information about your rifle. It will help us search the files.

Money Back Guarantee

Should we be unable to find the information you request, we will refund the full amount.

Should we only be able to find the date of manufacture/inspection we will refund the difference between a Level #1 service and a Level #2 service.

Want to know more about the SCC Factory Records Service?
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