Service #2 Date of Manufacture Plus, for non-members of SCC




A purchase of a Service #2 includes the search for the Date of Manufacture/Inspection plus all other available information, for one firearm.

The result of each search will be emailed to the address you supply at checkout and will also contain an actual screen shot of the information found.

How to:
When checking out, submit the Model designation (L461, L57, etc.), caliber and Serial Number of Your rifle to receive by return email, its date of manufacture/inspection and all other information available in the Factory records.

This can be the original configuration, date of shipment and store or distributor to whom shipped.

This level of service will also include a screenshot of the actual records. Make sure you enter the right combination for each rifle as we take no responsibility for faulty information provided to us and we can not offer any Money Back Guarantee should the information provided be faulty.

$40USD for one rifle.

Members of Sako Collectors Club will get a 15% discount so please log in to the Members Area at SCC forums to obtain Your Discount Code and more information.

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