About Us

Sako Collectors Club Store is the one-stop Club store for finding information about Your Sako firearms! We cater for anyone interested in obtaining information about their Sakos.

We can provide You with information many thought were long lost and it all originates from the original Sako Factory Production Records!

For a nominal set donation fee, anyone can obtain specific information about their rifles.

More information about the Factory Records Services is available here: http://www.sakocollectors.com/forum/forums/factory-records-services.85/

Records are available for the following Sako rifles:

P46 0001-9500
P54 20001-42052
L46/L469 1-59050 (including some transitional L461´s)
L461 1-111849
L57/L579 0001-115300
L61R 1-48900
VL63 1-10500
M39 200,001-510810
M28-30 35710-72920

We are sorry, but if a rifle does not fall within the above serial number ranges then we do not have the records on it!
Please don’t make requests outside of these ranges since it will simply slow the process for everyone and impose costs for SCC to make a refund of your donation.

About us

The Club Store is open for any and all.


Sako Collectors Club (SCC) has been given these files from the last remaining officer of Sako Collectors Association (SCA), who in turn received these files from Sako in Finland. SCC hold the files for accurate as well as original and all the information in the files for true, but we can not guarantee this with absolute certainty. Since the files are handwritten, there will always be a possibility for human errors when the Sako employees entered data for each rifle and/or shipment.
If it proves that SCC researchers has made an error, SCC will simply reimburse each donation made.

Also, SCC can not be held responsible for any discrepancies between an actual rifle and the correlating data from the Factory Records. There is always a chance of changes made after the firearm first left the factory.

About Sako Collectors Club
Sako Collectors Club started out as an enthusiast bulletin board in 2001 and after a change of ownership early in 2009, transformed into a full-fledged internet discussion forum which has now grown to over 5500 members and many non-members visiting our site each day.

The idea behind the running of SCC has been to discuss, compile and increase the knowledge base about the fine firearms from Sako Oy in Finland.
This has mostly been done by comparing information, experiences and rifles among our members. It´s been an ongoing empirical education for all interested to join free of charge.
The emphasis has always been older models but since we appreciate the newer Sakos as well, we like to discuss those too.

In 2015 we upgraded SCC to an Official Non-Profit Association registered in the U.S. with the goal to further enhance the knowledge about all things related to firearms and products not currently made by Sako.

We have members from all over the world and we welcome all Sako aficionados, hunters, shooters and other interested individuals to participate and share their knowledge with us.

Our forums are of course absolutely free to join and participate in and we welcome You to become members in Sako Collectors Club at www.sakocollectors.com/forum