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Yet another new sako owner :D

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Hi good folks!

I recently acquired a gorgeous old Sako 22-32, I seems to work quite allright, but it came with some rubber bump stoppers that I am not quite sure where/how to use.

I see from the Triace-manual (cant find a manual for my older model) that they refer to some rubber pieces there but I can not tell quite how to fit them properly and are they ment to be used both with the 22 and the 32 top? I seem to have some slider space issues and cant make it work. However the gun runs as far as I can tell allright without the bumpers in, is it bad running it without?

Can anyone help me out with some more information here? Thanks in advance.
Hey Jon,

Sorry you got no replies. The hard rubber bumpers should not be omitted in either the .22 or .32. It’s good that you have some. The bumpers are inserted between the underside of the barrel and the locator lug after the slide is put into place and pushed forward. See the attached image (Fig 24) from the TriAce manual. The quality of the pic is not too good but you can see the bumper (part #74) at an angle in the process of being inserted. The rounded ends help this process. There is a raised centre section on the bumper which locates in the slot behind the locator lug. You will probably need something to push the bumper into place - screwdriver or handle of a cleaning brush. This bumper comes out every time you disassemble the gun. Do NOT omit it or use the gun without it. I’m not sure what will happen to the gun if you don’t use it but recoil will be sharper and the impact on the gun itself will not be good.
Hope this is not too late to help.


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