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    Hello fellow Sako fans.
    9/13/2021 Went to the farm Monday to test theory about alcohol flushing barrerls after solvent cleaning & oil residue. Bernie's Dad can now relax & I hope his dog finishes the popcorn!

    First, 30/06 AV results: previous outing had finish shot-- 3/16" left, 1-7/8 high. After cleaning & light coat of oil, barrel was swabbed several times & dried with 91% alcohol. Load was 168 Gr. bullet @ 2,600, FPS.
    1st shot, 1- 1/8" left, 3/4"high.
    2nd shot, 1" left, 3/4" high.
    3rd shot, 1/2" left, 1-1/2" high.
    Close to finishing shot @ previous outing. Results similar to findings of several other members results. Fouling shots high-and to the left. Barrel was cooled between shots 5-15 minutes.
    Next, switched to 125 GR. Nosler Boat tails for deer hunting, as no need for 168 grain heavier bullet for deer size animals.
    To my amazement shots 1 & 2 were 6 + inches high on the target frame.
    load was 125 gr. bullet @ 3,o70 FPS. moved 20 clicks down.
    3rd shot: 3" high, 2-7/8" left.
    4th shot: Bulls eye ring, 3/4" Rt. of center line.
    5 & 6 shot : touching @ 2" high & 7/8" right of center line.
    7th. shot : 2" high on center line. Inconsistancy due to my older body!!!

    Sako Forester, Previous outing last shot @ 100 yds, end of water bottle aprox. 2-3/4" dia. shot exploded bottle. Barrel cleaned as above.
    1st. shot: 2" high- 1-1/8"" left.
    2nd shot: touch first shot , 15/16" left.
    3rd shot: 1-1/4" high, 1/4" left.
    4th shot: 1 " high, 2" left.
    5th shot: bulls eye 1/8" right of center line, Again inconstancy me!!
    Note: Barrel was cooled aprox. 1 hr + in A/C prior to shot #5, shows close to previous outing results.

    Final results, seem to prove various types of alcohol, best used for cleaning
    external or internal parts with varing kinds of results & that fouling shots are required no matter how much alcohol is used internally or externally and shots usually impact high & left after cleaning. I will try later to send pics of targets, computer & smart phone challanged!!
    I have a flip phone. Note: Pics. A & previous outing & 1st 30/06 targets. B & C = 125 gr. 30/06 & .243 targets. Don't know how I got the pics in thread ??? B/T

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    So, sight in your rifle in the fall and don’t clean it until after the season. Right?

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    That's what I do.
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    Right. That’s also what I do. I have four chosen rifles (different calibers-different game-different terrain) sighted and ready for the various big game hunts from the end of this month till the end of November. The only caveat is if a rifle is exposed to bad elements such as a downpour or worse. Obviously then I’d completely dry it out in the wall tent, wipe it down and address the bore. Doesn’t happen often, but it has, so I have options (back-up) until I can shoot that specific rifle to re-check POI.

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