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What rifles other than sako's do you hunt with?

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Just canted as sitting on a small sandbag I use and having trouble lining up I-phone to focus on the reticle. Had these reticles retrofitted by Premier Reticle before their discord with Leupold. Leupold will not use this thinner post style that is more accurate than the heavier German Post. I believe Redfield used to use one very close to this one and there is an outfit in Montana that reconditions them. I've been meaning to call them to see if they can change out basic crosshair reticles for this style. I like it because I find it faster to get on target and no distraction with a top vertical line, as well as easier to follow a moving target.


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what I meant to say is that the reticle is level and the angle in the photo is due to the rifle sitting on a sandbag and my difficulty in focusing moved the rifle slightly to a left angle


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I've killed many Whitetail with my Steyr Mannlicher Model L .243. My dad also used it to kill a cow moose. I've bought a couple xp-100 custom shop specialty pistols in 250 savage and 7-08. I've taken two antelope with the .250 and I packed the 7-08 on my sheep hunt, but ended up taking my ram with my AV 7mm rem mag.


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Why use non-Sako rifles? First of all, I do not lend my Sako's and I supply the Ranch rifles and ammunition but for hunting a specific magnificent animal then rely on a Sako as a tribute and respect for that hunt. Last trophy was 8 Season Harvest tally.JPG with a Sako .300 H&H with a traditional fixed power scope. With a high volume harvest we defer to inexpensive Remington rifles that are effectively tools that are carried in canvas bags, and cleaned weekly. Walk in cooler harvest for about 5 days by myself and 2 ranch hunters, with hogs a target rich environment. Ranch walk in cooler.jpg


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My other hunting rifle is a browning mountain ti bolt in winchester 325 short magnum I love it


Other rifles or combination guns I use
Merkel combination 16b/9.3X72R for Ohio deer and custom Winchester 52C for squirrels
Both are retirement gifts to myself
It is always best my wife does not know:):)
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What a beautiful pair of guns! The wood on that 52 is fantastic. The Merkel reminds me of my Robert Schräder O/U hammer gun, in 8x57R/360. I don't hunt much any more, but either combination gun would be ideal for javelina - the rifle barrel for a normal shot and the shotgun in case one got too close. The 8x57R/360 is unrelated to the well-known 8x57 Mauser caliber; as I understand it, the case is a shortened and necked-down version of the 9.3x732R. The round was designed to approximate the performance of the English .360 BPE, later updated for nitro powders. It's about equivalent to a .38-55 or a 7.62x39 in muzzle energy. Bullet is 196-grain, .318 diameter.
Right Side.JPG Tang Sight.JPG


Nice one. Interesting to see the caliber stamped on the receiver ring rather than the barrel. First time I'd noticed that on a Mannlicher-Schoenauer. I don't recall any other manufacturers that do that.


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I hunt with 2 custom Remington 700s. A 257 Weatherby and a 7 Remington ultra mag. However. On occasion I use my ruger tang safety 25-06. It has taken a couple pronghorn and feral hogs. Although they may sit in the safe more now that I have started this journey.


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Not mine but a rifle a good friend recently bought for his eldest son upon turning 18 - a Krico .22mag.


They replaced the 4x Weaver with a 6x Pecar with a picket post reticle in Hillver bases and rings:



It seems to prefer 30gn loads over the 40gn loads - this at 65m:


I took them out spotlighting a week ago and the young bloke got two foxes, including a nice headshot. He was suitably chuffed with himself:



John W

I still shoot a fair number of squirrels each year, and primarily use a Remington552 .22LR for the purpose.

A favorite rifle for deer, antelope and coyotes is a custom barreled Model 70 Classic Featherweight in 25-06

My ugly weather deer, antelope, and coyote rifle is a Stainless/Synth Montana Rifle Co X2 in 1-8".260Remington.

A sentimental favorite (family ties) for deer and such is a Savage 99EG, with a Williams Fool-proof aperture sight.

A couple of little used favorites from my younger days are a Remington 700 BDL .17 Remington I bought in 1972, and a model 700 BDL custom barreled to .300 Win in 1978.

There is a little used pre-war model 70 .300 H&H in a glass Mcm stock in the cabinet as well. I had plans when i bought it, but my interest in the fast .30s is fading.


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CE6453B4-61F3-4813-AEFF-CE2E7EDA6DD6.jpeg Ugly gun entry, non-Sako, CZ 527 .22 Hornet.
Ranch Truck/field gun with plenty of wear & still going, scratched & chipped stock, most bluing gone but like a Timex. Used on many coyotes & > 100,000 lbs of feral hogs over the years. Older 2-7 Redfield scope beat up tube & scratched lenses but holds zero. Front sight knocked off by impact


View attachment 25609 Ugly gun entry, non-Sako, CZ 527 .22 Hornet.
Ranch Truck/field gun with plenty of wear & still going, scratched & chipped stock, most bluing gone but like a Timex. Used on many coyotes & > 100,000 lbs of feral hogs over the years. Older 2-7 Redfield scope beat up tube & scratched lenses but holds zero. Front sight knocked off by impact
Here's what could be the "Before" picture for your CZ 527. I don't have a ranch in Texas so haven't taken it out hunting. It's also a .22 Hornet. For some reason I forgot to put the magazine in when I took the picture. The scope is in Warne QD mounts. I enjoy shooting it with the open sights, which are excellent.

CZ Hornet w:Leupold 1.JPG


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Beautiful Stock on that CZ Hornet, Icebear.
I understand this model has been discontinued, probably for a Star Wars synthetic, but I’m more traditionalist. Cheers


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Ok, my entry. This is Reliance 22 rimfire single shot that sat many years in a leaking shed. It's rusted the bore looks like a hacksaw blade and every ten shots you have run a brush through it to keep the pressure from expanding the case. I did pant the stock and clean it up a bit but it didn't help much. Just keeping the thing because it was my wife's uncle when he was a kid. Think I should take it hunting something large enough and close enough to hit. Jim


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