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What rifles other than sako's do you hunt with?

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Sep 15, 2009
Hi Guys

I went for a stroll after work today to get a young eating goat. I don't always use a sako religiously for all my hunting so thought I'd ask the question here what else do you all hunt with other than sako's?

I have a real liking for old mausers (98 & 96's) and today took my .257 roberts built by two Bill's (Marden & Hambly Clarke jr) on a 96. Its a really neat little rifle. My 7x57 is on a 98 and these two rifles see a fair bit of hunting apart from my go to sako's.

So what else do you hunt with apart from your sako's?

What rifles other than sako's do you hunt with?
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I have a 1949 Brno Hornet with double set triggers which is the bee's knees for prairie dogs and similar varmints under 200 yards.

But for hunting "serious" animals, the only rifle I ever use other than a Sako is a Browning BAR (self-loading) .270 which is my go-to hog rifle. On my best go I once knocked over three of the critters with it as they strung out down a fence line a couple of hundred yards away. I'll have to admit that the self-loading feature is handy when there are lots of targets present at the same (brief) moment, you want to hit as many of them as possible, and you don't particularly care which of them you hit.
The range of calibers in my Sakos runs from 221 Fireball to 243 Win, so for bigger game I use a brace of High-Walls in 30-06 & 45-70. For smaller stuff & pest control I use a CZ527 in 22 K-Hornet & a Browning T-Bolt in 22WMR. For hot & heavy prairie dog & ground squirrel work, I take the wear & tear off my Sako barrels with a pair of custom heavy barrel Savages in 20 Vartarg & 20 Practical. My most used gun is a L469 custom in 6x45mm as it suits the type of hunting available where I live nicely & was built as a walk about gun.
I have 3, first is a custom Rem 700 in 17Rem, full Robar NP3 coating, Pacnor barrel. Can't count how many 1 shot Coyote or feral pig kills I've made with it. Perfect carry gun, feeds slick and shoulders quick. Next is a Argentine 98 custom in 6mmRem that someone sunk his retirement funds into and died before the smith was done with it, I'm ashamed to mention low little I paid for it off Gunbroker. Last is a pre64 Winchester 70 in 270, probably owned it for 25 years and can't begin to count how many deer, feral pigs, and coy dogs I've killed with it. I don't think I've run 150 rounds through it. Clean it, take it to range to check zero before deer season, 5-6 rounds to get my legal limit and put it up until next year.
I know all you guys will cringe but only thing i carry in bad weather is model 700 rem in either 25-06 or 30-06

Cringe? Of course not. That's what all other rifles were made for -- bad weather, or when crossing large bodies of water in rough seas, or when the circumstances might end up with your rifle being confiscated:eek:

I might not sink as far as using a Remington, even in the most dire of circumstances, but I do keep a Dickson-Howa Sako copy on hand for such occasions.:p

Oh yes, there is one other very good excuse for owning a Remington: You have a worthless brother-in-law who wants to borrow a rifle. But in that case I suggest that you just pull a hundred dollar bill out of your pocket and buy a Remington 710 complete with Tasco scope and give it to him.
Luckily I don`t have to worry about My brother-in-law asking
to borrow a rifle...he lives in Finland and I wouldn't give him
any of my rifles in any case.He is not a hunter.
My personal favorite is Tikka Battue in 9.3 - 62 ..very short gun
and handy in thick bush.Accurate and never fails.
Of course my Sako L61 R -74 super in 30 06 is my second personal
favorite...has been used a lot!Still very accurate and never failed me.
this Sako has a few handling marks - not too bad though.
Third personal favorite of mine is Husqvarna 8 x 57 Mauser FN M98 Very
light, pleasure to shoot and really accurate It has a Leupold vx 1.5-5
and Zeiss 3 x 9 scopes. Both has a QD Talley rings.This rifle is
manufactured in 1951 / 1952,Action is made by FN.The barrel,
stock and sights being made by Husqvarna. I tackled the ugly brown wood &
refinished the stock couple of years ago & I`m proud of the way
it feels, looks and shoots!! (the looks can be deceiving
as we all know) !
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Oh,almost forgot to list my number ONE non-hunting rifle..Sako L461
Vixen deluxe in .222 Rem .Brought it to Canada last year coming back from
Finland.This rifle was unfired in 2013 summer when I purchased it.
So far I put 48 rounds through the barrell.It`s a great shooter..I`m still
trying to find the best "recipe" for my hand loads but it shoots easily
.500 - .750" groups at hundred meters.
I must admit this is my number ONE..She`s so pretty & curves are in
right place..
My main brush gun right now is this 1957 Marlin Texan. I also sometimes use the 1948 (first year) Marlin 336 I inherited from my uncle.

I hunt near the Boundary Waters Canoe Area--the land of short shots.

I have been known to take a Sauer 202 out to the blind.


  • What rifles other than sako's do you hunt with?
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  • What rifles other than sako's do you hunt with?
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  • What rifles other than sako's do you hunt with?
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  • What rifles other than sako's do you hunt with?
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well stone i bought the first Remington before i knew anything about sakos and the 25-06 was a gift from dad so that one i will not part with.and thos two guns just love ballistic tips and not as picky when it comes to loads as it seems my sakos are.
LMAO . . . my brother-in-law was a 100% winchester man . . . until he saw my Deluxe 243 back in 1976. Last time I saw him . . . he said . . . "That Sako 25-06 is the best shooting gun he has ever owned"
I must admit I have a couple of Remington's in the safe as well. I try not to mention it too much though! Only kept as for some reason I seem to have got lucky and they both shoot like stink.

The BAR's where popular out here, particularly the .338's with sambar deer hunters until the semi-automatic steal back / ban in 1994.

Handy hooks on that pig Pakula!
My Sako's tend to be in smaller calibres, the biggest being a .243Win so I have a number of other hunting rifles. Here's 2 of my favourites.

A Custom Brno small ring Mauser '98 in .240Wby.

What rifles other than sako's do you hunt with?

And when things are gonna get grubby like pigs out west or up north, a Winchester M70 Stainless Classic in .270Win.

What rifles other than sako's do you hunt with?
All rifles interest me; however, I do recognize quality. I also appreciate historical relevance.

Remington Model 30s, 257 Roberts (1936)
Remington Model 725, 6mm (1958, re barreled 244 Rem)
Winchester Model 70, 257 Roberts (1949)
FN Commercial Mauser, 257 Roberts (1950's ?)
Husqvarna 640, 220 Swift (early-mid 50's)
Besides Sako, I also hunt with Schultz and Larsen rifles chambered in 7x61 Sharpe and Hart (later known as the Super 7x61). They are manufactured in Otterup, Denmark and this M68DL was manufactured in late 1967. They have many desirable features like a lean stock with a nice amount of cast-off plus four rear lugs on the bolt allowing a 50* throw. They weigh in ~1 lb (.5 kg) less than a long action Finnbear. Interestingly, Roy Weatherby used Schultz and Larsen actions back in the 1950's to build his rifles before entrance of the Mark V.

Factory ammo was loaded by Norma which normally shoots MOA or better. Most popular load is probably the 154gr spire point @3061 fps (933 m/s). These ballistics were essentially duplicated later by the 7mm Rem Mag.

What rifles other than sako's do you hunt with?

Manufacturing Process (click 'CC' button for subtitles):
Funny, but I don't hold Remingtons in low esteem. I have a heavy barreled 700 22-250 that I did a little work on and it now shoots dinky little groups. I also have an older 700 7mm Rem mag that I actually traded a troublesome Sako 7mm mag for. It's a long story.

Back in the mid 60's I picked up a Remington 722 in 222 that shot like a bench rest gun. It was stolen from me.

I picked up a Remington 700 Classic a few years ago and converted it to 220 Swift. It shoots well but seldom leaves the safe. None of my Remingtons do. My Sakos are my go to guns mostly because of their handling characteristics. I was shooting a Kimber 84M Classic that shot well but never fit me right. It was a fine rifle for predator calling, light and accurate, but it never fit me right. Even with modifications to the rings I had to think about how I positioned my cheek on the stock to get a proper site picture. The new owner is happy beyond belief.
Besides my Sako 85 Varmint SS laminate, I have a Sauer 202 Takedown with three barrels in 25-06, 270 Win. and 9.3 x 62. It's a well made rifle and a quite versatile package. I think my Sako and Sauer both represent quality and reliability - I love them both equally.

Some of my Sauer package:

What rifles other than sako's do you hunt with?
I'm glad to see another Sauer 202 mentioned here. Fine rifles. I've had two of them and got great deals on both. They seem to be a great value because demand just isn't all that high. A sleeper.


  • What rifles other than sako's do you hunt with?
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  • What rifles other than sako's do you hunt with?
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