Weight of Pre-72 Forester Deluxe Sporter

Discussion in 'Sako Medium Actions' started by douglastwo, Feb 22, 2018.

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    We have another cold rainy day. So I thought I'd measure the muzzle O.D. and weigh some of my L579 Bofors marked Deluxe Sporters. You'll notice the lightest of the 4 Foresters is the 308, but I expected that because of the amount of metal removed due the large bore diameter. But I didn't expect the 244 to be more than 6 oz. lighter than the 243 which is a slick barrel, where the 244 has sights. The skinny stocks found on the very early rifles made the big difference. I measured the muzzle a 1/4" from the actual muzzle.

    Weight, Muzzle O.D., Rifle
    6.85 lb. 0.600" 22-250 Deluxe 23" barrel w/no sights, Serial 73867
    6.99 lb. 0.600" 243 Deluxe 23" barrel w/no sights, Serial 55116
    6.60 lb. 0.600" 244 Deluxe 23" barrel w/sights, Serial 13825
    6.48 lb. 0.600" 308 Deluxe 23" barrel w/sights, Serial 39766

    I'll try to measure the Vixens shortly.
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