Warne QD Rings for Sako

Discussion in 'SCC Trade Corner' started by stonecreek, Oct 11, 2019.

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    I truly pray that there is a special chamber in hell reserved for people who use thread locking compound on scope mounts.

    These Warne quick detachable rings came on a scoped Sako I bought recently. The scope was an excellent one and valuable, but I wanted a different scope on the rifle to better match its size and weight. So, when I started to dismount the scope from the rings I found that the screws were virtually cemented to their threads. One ring came off of the scope successfully, but on the other ring I stripped the hexagonal screw heads (!) without the screws ever budging. As a result, I was forced to drill out the stuck screws (the two in the base of the mount). One drilled out successfully without messing up the threads in the base, but on the other the drill bit went in slightly crooked and a screw wants to crossthread in that hole . I'm pretty sure that that hole can be salvaged simply by retapping.

    At any rate, one of the mounts is perfect, while the other has one questionable hole in the base, and at least two new screws will be needed.

    I'm going to offer these to the first guy who responds in a Private Conversation by saying "I can use them". The price is simple: Six dollars for shipping plus whatever you think they might be worth to you.


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