Value of Left Hand Sako in .30-06?

Discussion in 'Sako Long/Magnum Actions' started by Bottom Gun, Jan 13, 2021.

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    I think I may have screwed up by not putting this into the valuation section. I just found out about it after I posted. Would it be possible for a moderator to move this post there? I'm sorry for the mistake. I 'm kinda new here and still learning my way around. Now I know.

    My neighbor and dear friend recently passed away and I’m trying to help liquidate some of the estate.
    In particular, there is an unfired early ‘80s vintage left hand standard Sako AV in .30-06 that I was planning to post for sale here. I don't have much reference material but I did see a chart that says this serial number, 632184, was made sometime from 1986 to 1991. It does appear to be unfired and in new condition.
    Can someone give me a rough estimate of the value of this rifle? We would like to offer it at a fair price.
    Thanks for your help.

    Update: I took a few pics (below) and have more available but I didn't want to post too many right here.

    DSC_0621.JPG DSC_0635.JPG DSC_0623.JPG
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    For what is worth I recently bought a left handed .270 AV deluxe for $865 for the grandson.
    In excellent condition and in a common caliber.
    It was on gunbroker and so any interest in a lefty is represented although hard to know for sure.
    Hope this gives you some idea.
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