Sako TRGs TRG-S McM stock and bottom metal value

Discussion in 'Sako TRGs' started by sakomal, Mar 8, 2013.

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    Good day

    I have a TRG-S in 300 WM. Some years ago I purchased a McM A-5 stock together with the bottom metal (apparently Serengeti made but sold by McM). The stock has 6 flush mount swivel cups, front swivel for a bipod, Karsten Custom adjustable cheekpiece, Pachmayr Decelerator, 14 1/4 LOP etc. and is in good shape.

    I'm considering a lighter build and thought of selling the complete stock with the bottom metal. I know the bottom metal is now unavailable and it was spendy at the time. I must have close to $1000 in the stock all in all (and I shipped it to South Africa and paid duties :thinking:).

    As I will need to buy some replacement parts to do what I'm thinking I'd obviously like to get as much for this as is possible. What do you guys think it is worth? Of course it's just worth what someone will pay :becky: but any input is welcomed. The rifle is great and shoots great, but I'm looking for something lighter.

    I may also have a Near Mfg 20MOA base to sell depending on how the rifle looks once it is removed.

    I have a few guys interested in the stock and BM. Thanks for any replies.



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    If you still have the stock and bottom metal I am interested in it.



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