Tikka T1X .17HMR initial thoughts

Discussion in 'Valmet and Tikka' started by bigcountry4me, Jul 4, 2021.

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    So I realize and understand a rimfire rifle in this configuration isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. But, I thought I’d share my initial opinion regarding this offering from Tikka. As others have stated, wish it was available in wood, but obviously, the price most likely would be much higher.

    Actually I wish I’d bought northernlights Sako .17 and his ammo, when he offered it right here.

    Recent pickup at a reasonable price. Had the Warne Rings and the VX-1. Also have thousands of rounds of HMR in several offerings. The rifle has a big boy feel and the controls are very familiar. The plastic stock is meh, but the palm swell does add comfort. Not crazy about the texture of the panels but they do provide a sure grip. The magazines are 10 round polymer, which is typically standard with most Tikka offerings. They both worked without issue. Feeding and extraction was flawless. Time will tell, we’ll see. I adjusted the trigger more to my liking, but out of the box it wasn’t too bad. For what it is, it’s a very crisp let off, no creep - or over-travel, to really speak of.

    It’s not my Anschutz, but it will be fine as a casual small game, camp, truck rifle.

    The range was quiet (for once, no black rifle bubba’s) and conditions yesterday morning were nearly perfect. 75 degrees and zero breeze. I shot it once at 50 yds, then moved down to 100yds. The rifle performed very well with all brands and weights. I was very pleased with the 20 grain Hornady XTP. I say this because I have an abundance of this offering and in my opinion, this is a very solid game killer, based on construction. Best groups at 100yds with this round hovered right at an inch, and I believe I can do better as it breaks in and smooths out. No excuse but I also forgot my eye glasses. Next is a trip to the desert for rats and chucks.

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