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    Here are three custom Sakos I have acquired over the years - a lightweight .222 sporter, a heavy barrel .222 varmint rifle, and an FN-Sako in .300 H&H.

    First, this .222 L461 sporter was built by C.O. Audette and is so stamped on the barrel. Audette was better known as a target shooter and builder of target rifles, but as this rifle shows, he also built sporting rifles. I got this one at a gun show in Virginia (I think - it was a long time ago). I don't recall what I paid for it but it was a reasonable premium over what I would have paid for a standard L461 at the time. The rifle is extremely accurate, shooting 1/2" groups consistently at 100 yards with good handloads. I added the Conetrol scope mounts and the Burris Mini 4-12x scope. I like the old Burris compacts for slim, lightweight rifles like this one, as they don't overwhelm the gun with their size. The stock was carefully cut from a feathercrotch board to have the grain curve around the pistol grip for maximum strength. This is a master's touch. The stock wood is actually a slightly lighter shade than it appears in the photos.

    Audette 1.JPG Audette 3.JPG Audette 4.JPG Audette 5.JPG

    Next we have an L46 in .222 with a heavy varmint barrel and the original front sight. I also got this one at a gun show in Virginia. The seller claimed it had been stocked by Al Biesen, but I have been unable to find any markings to confirm that. Looking at photos of other Biesen guns, it does show a family resemblance. The fine-line checkering is superlative. It is also a 1/2" shooter with the right ammo. Stock appears to be English or Circassian walnut. I love the striped figure. The scope is a 6-20x Leupold, which is ideal for the rifle and cartridge. In the photos showing two guns, the other one is an L461 heavy barrel in .222 Magnum with a Leupold 12X. Biesen 5.JPG

    Biesen 1.JPG Biesen 2.JPG Biesen 3.JPG Biesen 4.JPG

    And finally, this is an FN-Sako in .300 H&H. I seem to recall buying this one sight unseen out of the old Gun List. The original custom builder is unknown, but I have extensively redone it. The stock is by Bishop and was, which I got it, one of those aesthetic disasters from the 60's and 70's with an absurdly high Monte Carlo cheekpiece, super-shiny poly finish, and a big clunky forend. I wish I had a before photo; the thing was hideous. Checkering was a nice standard pattern but indifferently executed. I chopped the Monte Carlo down to a semi-Bavarian shape, slimmed down the forend, deepened and cleaned up the checkering, replaced the ugly plastic grip cap with ebony, added a recoil pad, and finished it in tung oil. The stock had been bedded when I got it and it had a Timney trigger, which I left in place. I topped the rifle with a 2.5-8x Leupold in EAW-style swing mounts. The mounts are not real EAW; they are some kind of East European copy but they work fine. The rifle retains the original express sights, one standing and one folding.

    The custom is shown in a rack with an original FN-Sako in .30-06. The FN has a 2.5-6x B. Nickel Marburg 26mm scope in Sako-style rings of unknown origin. If you recognize these rings, please post.

    2 Rifles .JPG 2 Stocks - Left.JPG 2 Stocks - Right.JPG 2 Forends.JPG 300 New Scope.JPG 06 Scope Left.JPG 06 Scope Right.JPG
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    All three are nice, but your Audette .222 is simply spectacular.

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