• Hey All! Lately there has been more and more scammers on the forum board. They register and replies to members requests for guns and/or parts or other things. The reply contains a gmail or hotmail address or similar ”anonymous” email addresses which they want you to reply to. DO NOT ANSWER ANY STRANGE MESSAGES! They often state something like this: ”Hello! Saw your post about purchasing a stock for a Safari. KnuckleheadBob has one. Email him at: [email protected]” If you receive any strange messages: Check the status of whoever message you. If they have no posts and signed up the same day or very recently, stay away. Same goes for other members they might refer to. Check them too and if they are long standing members, PM them and ask if the message is legit. Most likely it’s not. Then use the report function in each message or post so I can kick them out! Beware of anything that might seem fishy! And again, for all of you who registered your personal name as username, please contact me so I can change it to a more anonymous username. You’d be surprised of how much one can find out about a person from just a username on a forum such ad our! All the best! And be safe! Jim

Terms & Conditions for memberships at SCC

Sako Collectors Club Discussion Forum


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Terms and Conditions for Being a Member of Sako Collectors Club (SCC)

About Sako Collectors Club

We are devoted to the fine firearms from Sako and other related Finnish firearms.
This Forum is open for all individuals interested in these firearms and is completely free to join and particapate in.


All members are responsible for what they express in their own posts.
Neither the SCC Association nor the Staff members, can be hold accountable for any views our registered members might express!
Neither the SCC Association nor the Staff members, can be hold responsible for any handloading data posted on the Forum!
And we urge all members, and others, to be extremely cautious when it comes to using such data! Please be careful!!

All posts on this Forum is public, for anyone, anywhere to read, unless posted in Private Categories. By posting here you give us the right to use your material in any way we want.

The SCC Association can´t control everything that is posted here.

Links to other websites, or files can be posted by registered members with a post count higher than 3, but we will remove any impropriate material as soon as possible.
Such links falls under the responsibility of the member posting them!

All posts that do not comply to these Terms & Conditions, may be removed without notice.
The member posting such posts may be warned for such behaviour and may, ultimately, be banned from the Forum.

It is the members own responsibility to keep copies of Conversations (Personal Messages), pics and other information uploaded on the site. The owner of the forum can not be held responsible for any information that goes missing due to technical issues, when upgrading to new software and/or new versions of forum software, or for any other reasons out of our control.

These Terms & Conditions, may change, at any time, without notice! So it is the members responsibilty, to stay updated at any time.
They will be posted at all times, on the Forum board.

Members must also stay updated with the Advice before posting in the For Sale/Wanted/For Trade section, and also the The Guidelines for posting on the Forum! These are to be found on the Forum board at all times!

How to interact on the Forum

Treat everybody and all with respect!

Do not post anything that contains racist, political (including general firearms politics), hateful, threatening, foul language, sexual, pornographic or any other demeaning or other disrespectful contents. Posts with such contents will be removed.
We urge all members to check backgrounds and facts before posting "rumours" on the board.

We do NOT "badmouth" other brands of firearms, companies, other members or anyone!

Members can choose nicknames of their own choice, but keep them free from foul language and such. If in doubt, contact the owner first.
Businesses can have their business name as a nickname, but please contact the owner first. It must always be very clear if a business posts ads or questions to gather information. Businesses who violates this might be warned and ultimately banned from participating here.

If you encounter problems with other members, on the Forum or elsewhere, or if you find material here which do not comply to these Terms & Conditions, please don´t hesitate to contact the owner. We will do our outmost to help you.

Posts and replies

The forum is a site where we try to find more information about Sako and it´s free for all to join and add to the discussions.

Businesses can post questions and helpful information just like other members, but must stay clear of posting ads, covert or openly, before you have received permission from the forum owner. Hidden ads, covert ads and similar will be removed and deleted without notice and might lead to warnings and/or banning from the forum. The members must always be able to tell if the posts by a business is and ad or not! If in doubt, ask the owner before you post!

Before you post, use the search function, to see if the questions have been up for discussion before.

Seek advice in the FAQ section before posting.

When posting, make sure you post in the right section.

Write clear and "to the point" headlines as this makes it easier for other members to understand what the post is about.

When replying, be as accurate as possible and keep to the curriculum.

Do not post anything that is demeaning to us as hunters, shooters or collectors.

Before posting in the For Sale/Trade/Buy section, all members must read the Guidlines.

By posting in that Section, you agree to the Terms stated in the Guidelines.
Those Guidelines can be found in the For Sale category.

Linking to ongoing auctions at auction sites or similar is not allowed in that section!

Also, no links to other For Sale sites or similar.

Refrain from posting personal emails, adresses or telephone numbers directly on the Forum!
The Forum is public and we can´t tell who is watching! Use the Conversation (PM) system instead!
The SCC Association takes no responsibility if members do post personal information on the Forums.

Postings about valuation of rifles

A frequent question asked on the forum board is ”What is my rifle worth?”.

This is an almost impossible question to answer for many reasons. First, we are an international forum with members from all over the globe and prices vary from location to location. What is true in Australia isn´t neccessary the same as in Europe or USA.

Condition of the rifle in question is another parameter important to value and it is impossible for us at the forum to judge condition from pics and descriptions no matter how good and accurate they are.

There are also many other important parameters like caliber, model and scarcity plus a few more.

The best way to find out about your rifle is to use the search function and scan our forum for information. We have loads of good information hidden here so knock yourself out!

Another way is to visit internet auction sites, dealer websites and search engines like Google.

For example, if you are living in North America use the big auction sites. You´ll find what you need there.
But make sure you search for realized prices. Asking prices is one thing but you should go for what the rifles actually sold for.

If you choose to ask about your rifles on the forum board you must do so in the new Valuation section placed in the General section. If you place your questions elsewhere they may be moved without notice.

Finally, to do a proper valuation one must actually see the rifle in question and weigh in all the local parameters mentioned above and use ones own Sako experience. Everything else will only be educated guesses without real value in the end.

Remember! A rifle is only worth what a buyer is willing to pay so you won´t know what your rifle really is worth until you have sold it!

Topics we do not allow

Advertising your own products or services in a commercial way is not allowed without the authorisation from Sako Collectors Club. This includes links to other forums. And as you can read further down this T&C it is not considered good netiquette to harass other members with inquiries to purchase rifles or other items. This is NOT allowed here. Use the Buy&sell site!

It is not allowed to post copyrighted material of any kind if you haven´t got permisson or own this material yourself.

Posting Pictures

When using photoservices like Photobucket or similar, keep the links updated. Posts containing "dead" links will be deleted.

By posting pics, you accept that they might be used by anyone, everywhere, since this a public Forum.

Offensive, rude or any other impropriate pictures will be removed as soon as possible.

Read the Guidlines that is posted in the General section before posting.

The Conversation (PM) system

The Conversation (PM) system allows us to contact each other directly. But use this feature with care.

It is not allowed to sell, promote or advertise anything through the Conversation (PM) system and it is not allowed to solicit other members with the sole purpose of buying items or firearms. We have a Buy/Sell corner for that kind of activities.

Any unsolicited use of the PM system is a violation to these Terms & Conditions and must be reported to Sako Collectors Club.

Any violation of this system will lead to actions.

If you receive or detect any form of "Spam", please contact Sako Collectors Club.


Every member is responsible for keeping their Profiles updated at all times.

Non-appropriate Avatars will be removed.

All members must keep their e-mail adresses up to date. Failure to do so, may lead to revoked memberships.

Only one (1) account is allowed per person. It is NOT allowed to register using multiple accounts, using various user names, email addresses or other. If you forget your log in information. contact the owners and we´ll help you out.

If we detect members who are using more than one account, all the latest accounts will be deleted and only the first account will remain active. Members who has registered under various names, can request a merger of all their active accounts to the first account that was registered. Requests are sent to L61R by PM.

Every members is obliged to state their Country of Residence in the signature.


Moderators have the right to delete any posts, pics, and links, at any time, without notice!
They can also issue warnings and ultimately ban members off the Forum.
We DO NOT allow members to "badmouth" Moderators on this site! They do the hard work here and have a very long and wide leash!
If members encounter ANY problem with the Moderators, please contact us immediately!
Members who feel mistreated in any other way, please contact us immediately!

Loss of Password

Click the link "Lost your password?" on the Log In page and follow the instructions.

Jim D Staf
Sako Collectors Club
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