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Discussion in 'New members, please introduce yourselves here!' started by Tom Law, May 27, 2020.

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    Where to begin? Here goes!

    Used to run in the hi-tec rat race globally, am now semi-retired.....early and very happily UK centric.
    Turned my love of rifles, knives and honeybees into a lifestyle business.
    Beekeeping keeps me occupied mainly during the summer and autumn, I will be filing the cooler seasons with stalking and other game activity.
    Been a knifemaker for over 20 years.

    An idea of experience!
    Have been a sporting shooter since I could lift a rifle.
    Later on, in my youth, I added shotgun disciplines to the repertoire.
    Continue to do plenty of game and clay shooting (Was semi-sponsored by Hull Cartridge for clay for a while, and at 20,000 cartridges a year competitively, glad I was upload_2020-5-27_14-48-5.gif )
    Doing much fewer clays nowadays, as focusing more on rifle and game activity.
    Been lucky enough to stalk at several areas in the UK including Nothern tip of Scotland and a huge estate near my namesake Castle 'Douglas'.

    Winter 2018 game season did much double gun loading for European clients, this was superb, in every sense of the word and a great reason to don the best bib and tucker.
    2020 had some great outings pre CV-19, just about to embark on a few more outings.

    Busy adapting my Sako AII .243 Stutzen for a moderator (eek)!

    Been training my awesome cocker spaniel for last two years, she will be ready for flush and pick up this coming game season, really looking forward to this. (If it happens of course).

    Never took any courses back in the day, just got on with it.
    But seeing as it is a brave new word and folks prefer to see proof upfront, have formalised some of my experience with a few courses, which was huge fun in itself, my personal focus is safety.
    BASC safe shot.
    BASC Safety Officer.
    GWCT Accredited Game Shot (That was entertaining)
    NRA Bisley member. The membership process is very, very involved, and quite rightly focused on super degrees of safety. Had a great exam at the end, possibly the most intense and enjoyable learning experience for a while, not your regular obvious multiple guess exam scenarios! Put it this way.....the majority of attendees failed.
    DSC1 booked in for early August, looking forward to seeing what has changed in the last decade or so!
    Will be swiftly followed by DSC2 over the year.

    'Was' an open FAC holder, but took a long break from sporting rifles, due to losing area to shoot (Moved to Hampshire from up't North tha nos'.....)
    Then a serious illness....The dreaded 'C' now recovered and clear two years)
    Rifles were in storage ever since, but priorities change and time to stop putting things off until later, as later will probably bee 'too' late.

    Time to get back into the groove, so to speak, so now have my FAC back.
    DSC1 done last year, am working through DSC2.

    Calibres you use?
    .243 & .308 (.22 for plinking)
    Am also putting in for 5.56/.223 for practical and possibly .38/.357 for gallery.

    Ammunition (Always worth a mention)
    Have always been a centrefire home loader from the start, ballistics is a fascinating arena, also the groupings really do tighten up when you tune a load to a particular rifle. This really increases the level of surety when deciding to take any shot.

    County you live in?
    Live in Hampshire UK, happy to travel for ad-hoc stalking days, used to do Dumfries every winter.

    Interested in, and seeking:
    Ad-hoc stalking days (Not high chair) prefer the stalking and the exercise.
    Syndicates in Hampshire UK and bordering counties.
    Happy to travel further on a regular basis (Have a motorhome) in order to join the right syndicate.

    For me personally, the right syndicate means:
    A syndicate for the long term.
    Given I enjoy assisting others and putting back, more than happy to contribute time and effort in helping run a syndicate, whether that be general maintenance, whether that be high chair maintenance (for other folks of course), building a cabin, or other shared/social activity.
    Ideally seeking a less commercial syndicate, with long-standing members who appreciate giving, as well as receiving, makes the world a nicer place.

    I accept I may be looking for something that no longer exists, however! If I can get close, my happy place will get a little bigger.
    Feel free to check out some of my beekeeping antics at BEEKeeperTom's Blog - Saving honey bees, a colony at a time

    Hope that provides a bit of an insight.

    NB: Please feel free to always assume I like folks, am not a grumpy old git and really enjoy banter in all forms.
    If anyone is offended by any the above, in any way, it was unintentional.

    Go to your happy place upload_2020-5-27_14-48-5.gif
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  2. paulsonconstruction

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    Sounds like you have plenty to keep yourself busy. Lots of good folks & information here. Welcome!!
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  3. Unclekax

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    Welcome Tom
    I too enjoy the benefits of keeping bees and caught my first swarm 2 summers ago and now have the bug.
    My wife took up beekeeping a few years ago and has been my mentor.
    She is from Somerset but we live in the U.S. however we get back to visit her family every couple of years and I love it there.
    I learned to shoot in the early 60s on our junior high school rifle team.
    Our coach shot competitively for the U.S. Army rifle team and I believe we were well coached.
    I enjoy this forum more than any other as it is populated by a very civil and knowledgable cast of characters.
    Where I live there are an abundance of Whitetail deer so that is my game of choice.
    Sako A lll .270 is my current preferred piece and I have hand loaded since I was 10 years old.
    I am pleased to hear you are now in good health Cancer is a fearsome opponent, it got my son in law 4 years ago.
    You certainly sound like one of "us".
    Kindest regards,
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  4. Tom Law

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    Hi Kax - Appreciate the content and time taken in your response, thank you.

    Yep, beekeeping is addictive.

    You learned to shoot in the early 60s on our junior high school rifle team.
    I learned to shoot from age 6 courtesy of my father.

    I suggest that early exposure to firearms at an impressionable age, in a safe controlled manner, by responsible folks, was the main reason lighter gun controls were needed decades ago.

    In the UK we now have some of the most restrictive gun controls on the planet.
    Fortunately, you have the 2nd amendment, although I appreciate there are those who try to erode it, at every opportunity.

    My best to you and yours
  5. stonecreek

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    Tom, welcome! I'm sure you'll be a great contributor here. Don't shy from posting some photos of your hunting adventures as we all enjoy them.

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