Swedish Championships 2016 in precision nr 1

Discussion in 'Sako Handguns' started by Markus, Feb 16, 2017.

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    Hi SAKO collectors

    I am new member on your side.

    My father used SAKO triacetate since 1984 (the elite level in the 80 and 90 century to the 2010 re-join the Nordic Veterans Championships), after my father suddenly passed away, I took over his old SAKO.

    Gun laws are very complicated here in Sweden, it took a while to get through the license. I had prided itself a SAKO triacetate 22/32 and 22/32 Hämmerli SP20 and getting another 22/32 in Sweden is not so easy .... The end with a meeting with police firearms license department. By then I had already sold my gear set 32 to Hämmerlin, scrapped pipes and end pieces to my SAKO 22/32. Kept the carcass and any loose parts and did make a new license on my frame / print with my father's old 32 and retained his 22 intact.

    In 2015 I started training and racing after an absence of studies, jobs and children in almost 10 years. I qualified quickly to the Swedish Championships 2016 in precision, shot barely any escapade or practicing no sport shooting then.

    2016 became much training and competition mainly in precision but also other branches. Before the Swedish Championships I was in good shape and had a goal of reaching the final of caliber 22, 32 and 9mm. The result was that I won the Swedish championship with my father's old SAKO 22,487 points after a very tough final, was 3rd 481 points with my SIG P210-5 and became 9a with my SAKO 32,476 points.

    I contacted SAKO Sweden, There are not many who are competing with SAKO triacetate long time and then win the largest shooting competition ought to be perceived as positive. But the guy at SAKO SE did not know they made pistols, thought it was a misunderstanding on my part. I asked for spare parts, he asked me to contact a gunsmith.
    SAKO Finland congratulated for my success but could not help me with the parts, had to order by SAKO SE.
    I have got hold of the parts I need through a familiar and own manufacturing.

    Apologize only with my English, googel and stress

    / Markus

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    Thank you for sharing your wonderful story of winning with your father's firearm. Must have been a great feeling. Congratulations!! Your experience with Sako SE is similar to what is experienced by most everyone since Beretta purchased Sako. They know little to nothing about Sako firearms prior to their take over & provide no parts or service for the older Sakos. Welcome to the club!
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    A bit late, but WELL DONE !

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