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supressor on l61r yes or no?

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Arian the 270,000 reported harvest is only on the 24,353,000 acres enrolled in the longer seasons, if you add the rest of non-enrolled acreage the actual annual harvest is approximately 500,000 WT deer per season.
The game department gives landowners & hunters the opportunity to manage or to mismanage their properties.
white tail are regulated more here, my club had 1 permit per head plus 5 for group hunts last season. Roe deer is technically a free for all but clubs and landowners set their own limits. My club has a 2 roe deer per Hunter limit. Personally i think thats a bit low considering the population around town that now has to be culled in early summer.

Iam no legislator or expert but i feel like different limits should be set for the areas around people and the wilderness. Like why stop the hunting of bear and wolf around towns and farm areas but keep pressuring them further north.... Wont that just encourage predators to head south? If i shoot a single roe deer in view of the herd north of town the next day tracks will lead me across the frozen lake to the east of town. Iam not a Predator hunter myself, i dont shoot what i wont eat, but it seems the bureaucrats are blind to the pleas of farmers who have video evidence of lynx taking their pets and young lifestock only minutes from the town.

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