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Discussion in 'News' started by L61R, Dec 1, 2014.

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    It has been requested that members must put their country of residence in their profiles and as you can see I have posted a message about that. This message is only seen when not logged in by the way.

    You can´t post in the For Sale section without having your country in your profile, and also the State you´re in, when applicable.

    Please update this as soon as you can.

    We´ve also updated the Recent Posts widget on the right hand side so it now only shows replies to posts, not the first post in the thread.
    To check for new threads, go to New Posts in the navigation bad above the advertising banners.

    I have also set up a Chitchat forum and a forum for non-Sako rifles, hunting gear, knives etc. stuff so feel free to post there. They can be found in the General Discussions forum.

    I´ll be back soon with more news!



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