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    To all members of SCC!

    Here is a short update of what is going on here at SCC.

    As you probably have noticed by now and thanks to Mims Reed from SCA, we have been presented with copies of the Factory Records.

    We will share as much of this information as we can here on the forum, in the new forum called The Member Zone. You can discuss all the information there or in the General Discussions forum, it´s up to you.

    We have also set up a service for all of you who want us to search the Records for specific information about your rifles. This service can be found here:

    This service is for registered members of SCC.

    We have also formed SCC as a U.S. Non-Profit Association with the goal to further and enhance the knowledge about firearms from Sako.

    The forum will remain free for all interested individuals just as it always have been.

    The proceeds from our Records Services will go to the upkeep of SCC.

    The forums have two new sections/forums.

    The first one is called The Member Zone which you can view if you are a registered member and logged in.

    The second is called Factory Records Services which is public and contains info about the services and you can also ask questions about the services there.

    For the full announcement follow this link:

    All the best to you!!


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