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    Hey guys!!

    You need to be cautious as always as we just uncovered an attempt to scam a member.

    He had lifted pics from a website and presented it as his and contacted one of our members who had a WTB ad in the Buy/Sell section.

    Then gave a lot of bad excuses when the advertising member asked questions and such.

    I checked the IP adresses of this conman and they were very strange so he’s kicked out now.

    But, there is no way we can avoid this from happening again. Any person can register and even if we have several stages of “hurdles” to detect spammers and scammers, there are no way to stop people to register and try to con us.

    So as always, Caveat Emptor, do your homework and ask as many questions you can when dealing with others.

    And please report all fishy members to me.

    All the best!!

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