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Sako Triace

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Anyone out there have this Sako handgun?......Never seen one here and know that they are quite scarce. Also, anybody know if Sako ever produced shotguns?

Hi Deergoose, I understand less than 80 TriAce's were made several models had tow or more barrels. Apparently in Europe you may be limited to a sigle handgun and this was the solution. The TriAce was marketed as a target pistol and apparently used by Finnish shooters in international competetion. They are quite pricey as well at $2000 +

Sako has made a few shotguns as prototypes but they never made it into production. There is one 12/12 OU here in the U.S. but I believe it is the only one. I suppose when they bought Tikka and Valmet the need to build a Sako Shotgun was pointless since Tikka/Valmet had it covered.

Sako Finnbear
less than 80? that is not that many. No wonder they are so expensive. and I didn't know about the prototype shotguns, interesting.

good shooting,

A little late but then I have just joined. I have a Sako Tri Ace It is a .32 with a .22L conversion. They usually came in three ie .22short for rapid fire.

I am sure a lot more than 80 were built. They are a very good target pistol an can be still shot at a very high level.

As with all Sako firearms they a built at a very high standard all parts are steel unlike the trend to plastic in current target pistols.

If anyone else has one I would be interested in what you have to say.

Very good. thanks for the info and please come back often. Do you compete with your Triace? If doable, please post some pictures of your gun.

Hi Greg -

Welcome, and thanks for stoping in. I, for one, and I'm sure many other members are very interested in the TriAce. Sadly, you may be the only current member who has one.

It appears that not too many of these sets made it out of Europe. Is that where you are located? It would be great if you could post up some photos, and also any comments appreciated.

Our records indicate that about 6250 TriAces were built from '83 to '88 (s/n's from 808226 - 814484). There is also record of a model known only as the 22-32. It was built in two models from '76 to '77 (s/n's 8000000 - 800542) for the first model, and from '77 to'81 (s/n's 800543 - 808225). Looks like a total production of 8225 of these. I see the s/n's of these 22-32s butt right to the later production of the TriAces, so I wonder if they weren't a similar predecessor.

While these production numbers aren't huge, they are still substantial. At least here in the states, they almost never show up. Whatever insight anyone might care to share would be appreciated. Thanks, Dick
Hi Deergoose/ED51

It is great to get a reply. Yes I do compete with my TriAce.
I have just returned to pistol after a gap of approx 7 years. I find both conversions .32 S&WL and .22L great and the pistol is very accurate.
It will shoot tens all day ( If the shooter is good enought).

I shoot the ISSF matches Centre Fire and Standard Pistol with the TriAce

Shooting one handed at 25mtr an 8 to me is a bad shot. They are quiet heavy compared to the current pistols ie Walther / Hammerli but they are a classic to shoot. I love my TriAce.

I live in South Australia and TriAce's are rare here as well but there are still a few around.

I have attached photo of my TriAce taken when I purchased it 12 months ago. I have since built up the base to suit my hand but I have been carefull not to destroy the grips.



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Yes I do compete with my TriAce.

I shoot in the ISSF matches and use the Sako in Centre Fire & Standard Pistol.

Both conversion can shoot at top International standard.

I live in South Australia and the TriAce is getting rare here as well but there is still a few around.

I have attached phots of my TriAce taken when I purchased it,

Regards Greg


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I hope that you got the pm I sent you asking about your Tri-Ace. I am trying to figure out if my set could be original, my conversion units aren't consecutively numbered. I asked you in the PM if your 22 and 32 are numbered the same. My 22lr is #801881, 22s is #802120, and the 32 is #803113. Also do both units have the raised rib on top of the slide? My 32 has the raised rib, but the 22lr and 22 short have the flat top. My gun is the earlier 22-32 Conversion which I purchased from Potter's firearms in Queensland about five years ago. Wasn't easy to get it imported to California! Any info would be appreciated as I need to sell it. If it not an original set I may sell the 22lr and 22s conversions and mags separately.


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hmrgun -

Thanks for stopping in, and thanks for the nice photos of your Triace set.

In regard to the non-consecutive s/ns of your set, let me first say that I have zero knowledge of Triace in particular... However, I can say with certainty that at least through the Garcia period, Sako was very lax about producing anything strictly sequentially by s/n. Just a quick browse through the hang tag data will confirm this. The possible exception may be the anniversary models.

Wish I could confirm what was typical on the Sako pistol sets. Looks like Greg998 doesn't stop in too often, but maybe another member might have some info to share. I think it would be a shame to break up your set irregardless of what was typical. I suspect you might well be in the right spot to market your Triace - but keep in mind that members don't check in real regularly, especially this time of year. Might decide what you need out of it, and give it a month or so here - you may need to bump it back up from time to time...

What really stinks is that now that I might be in a position to afford your dandy set, my eyes no longer can define iron sights well enough to shoot to potential. Heck, can't even shoot my nice old Woodsman Match Target or High Standards well anymore, and they're in a whole different league than your Triace.

Sorry you need to sell the set, but good luck with the sale. Dick
hayseed 51,

Thanks for your quick responce. Your info gave me an idea. I have a friend that I was shooting bullseye with that bought a Sako tri-gun set from Austrailia with me. I haven't seen him for quite awhile but I will contact him to see if the serial numbers on his set are in order. I agree, it would be a shame to break up the set, I will try not to.

Sorry to hear that your vision is not holding up. I do have a Black Machine & Engineering scope rail and an Ultra Dot scope made for the Tri-Ace which may help you out. However, these guns are on the heavy side and with a scope it was just to heavy for me. I had the rail on for ten minutes before I took it right back off!

Thanks again,

Any info from other members is welcome!

Cripes! What do you suppose that sonofagun weighs scoped up?

FWIW, there's a twenty-some page manual in pdf on the Sako site, if anyone is interested...

Sorry for the delay as I have not checked in for awhile. Sako did not issue there Triace pistols with matching numbers.

Your Sako's appear to be the original issue sold as Sako 3in 1. My Sako is the next and last version sold as Sako Triace.

The difference is noticed by the Triace have a reinforcing bar along the top of the barrels. Your model doesnt have this .

My Sako frame number is 812082 the 22 long barrel is 811842 and my .32 barrel is 802474. It seems the numbers follow the calibre not the frame.

I am pretty sure your set is correct as all the Sakos I have seen do not have matching numbers. It would loose their value if you separated them ie it would no longer be a Sako 3in 1

Regards Greg998

Ps I just reread your original message. It may appear that your set is not a match as I am pretty sure that they should all either have the reinforcing bar if the are the Triace and all have no bar if they are the 3 in 1 . I will check this and get back to you.

I am having a little trouble with this one. It may be a bit big. Sako Triace


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Interesting - thanks.

Sako's model and s/n data lists what they refer to as '22-32' produced from 76 to 81, so I suppose this is what you are calling the '3 in1'. They do list the Triace next, with the s/ns picking up right where the other left off.

Of these 22-32s, or 3 in 1s, they do show 76 production and up to March of 77 (542 pistols) on a separate line. From March on they designate as 'New model'. Guess that means that there was an early and later version of the 3 in 1 as well?
I shoot a triace and love it! It belonged to my great uncle before he died and I bought it from the family about 18 months ago. He shot issf standard pistol matches with it locally and so do I, but I would like to compete on a larger scale. For some reason he took very poor care of it and I am left with only one 22lr magazine. I am looking for one more 22lr and 2 32.cal mags. If anyone knows where I should direct my search it would be appreaciated.

I have just joined this forum. I found it searching for triace related sites.

I live in Norway, and bought my triace this summer. It is with the .22 lr and 32 s&w convertions. There are some triace sets around in Norway, but they are not very often for sale. My impression is that most people who own a triace, likes the gun very well, and they shoot good for a 25 year old gun...

I belive that Hunters House in Denmark might have some parts, also magazines. They are a bit expencive though, about 250 $ (1.360 dkr)

I've benn told that SAKO does not make new parts for the triace anymore, but they have som parts left in stock. These parts must be ordered through a lokal SAKO dealer.

i have been shooting with Sako for a few times in practice. Would buy the gun but cannot due to recent changes in gun permit laws in Finland. i have to use a loan gun for 1 year before i can get a permit to buy one for myself.
There are some for sale in Finland from time to time. Full set is ofcource harder to find.
This one is sold but the pic shows the full set in a case.
Skjeflo and Rafu -

Thanks for the tips and links guys. It sure looks like most of the Sako pistols didn't get too far from home. Welcome and glad you stopped in.


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