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Discussion in 'Sako Handguns' started by Markus, Feb 17, 2017.

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    Hi Collectors
    I have got the spare parts from two dealers in Sweden, enclose contacts (hope they sell outside the country).
    The parts I purchased in 2016 were the following extensions (see picture on the drawing)
    NO: 67 67a
    NO: 55 55a
    NO: 71 71a
    NO: 28
    The following numbers, I have made myself
    NO: 74 Have done a harder and a softer, depending on the charge with 32 WC
    NO: 19 Have manufactures in different materials. Those who are best are those I made of internal kabelen of a rough electrical cable and a sheath of shrink splice of electrical cable (deep-water quality)
    Below are contacts gunsmith and trader

    Tommys Vapenverkstad
    Grännavägen 24,
    561 34
    Tel. 036-14 22 20,
    fax 036-14 24 04

    BGK Skytteservice AB
    Box 80
    S - 692 22 KUMLA
    telefon: 019 - 57 86 68, 0708 - 57 86 68
    fax: 019 - 57 02 68

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    Hi all,
    I tried to contact Tommy and Bo but, though the emails did not bounce, I got no reply. However, I found Anders Kihlander at Reservdelslådan in Sweden who was able to send me firing pins, extractors, buffers and springs. His online store is at I have another contact in Finland who apparently has everything. I’ll report back on how that goes. Follow this on the "New TriAce Owner" thread.
    Give Anders a go.

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