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    I just join to the club,I am hunter from age of 43 years old.Last 20 years live & hunt in Australia.
    I owned and shoot many different rifles in past years, and 3 months go I bay excellent condition
    Sako TRG-S M995 in caliber 7 mm. Remington mag.
    I can say that,this is best rifle I ewer shoot,well made,solid and incredible accurate,I really like it and want
    to keep it for ewer.
    Now, I am looking to bay 1 or better 2 spare magazines for my rifle, but I can not find it.
    Please, if eny one have this magazines for sale to contact me, or give me some information where to bay.
    I am ready to pay post to my country, THANKS - Peter
    [email protected]


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    Welcome. The extra magazines for the TRG-s (Model 995) have become more difficult to find since they have been out of production for a number of years. You do run across them sometimes on Gunbroker or Auction Arms. The good news is that the magazine is the same for all of the belted magnum calibers, which includes 7mm Rem Mag, 7mm STW, .300 Win, .300WBY, .338 Win, .340 WBY, .375 H&H, etc. So, if you can locate a magazine for any of these calibers it will work for your 7mm.

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