Sako Quad Bolt Bolt Release Problem

Discussion in 'Sako Rimfires and Small Action Rifles' started by Pheonique, Mar 6, 2021.

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    Dear All,
    I am new here seeking some help. I own a Sako Quad Range and happy so much with it especially when I have put Bartlein barrel in it, so precise.

    My problem is when I just broke the Bolt Release pin without notice. The spring and pin has missed and I cannot find the spare part else where. The reseller in my country (Thailand) just said they need to get the spare part along with the new rifles, but unfortunately, they have no plan to import Sako rifles in these few years. That make my rifle almost unable to use. Missing the bolt release, the rifle can shoot but the bolt keep pulled out from the action and that annoy so much.

    I tried to searching all place in the Internet to buy the parts but have no luck.

    If anyone can suggest where I could find the bolt release set for Sako Quad, will be much appreciated.

    Thank you for all your kindness.

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    Pheonique, Welcome. I'm not up on my Thai importation laws but, it seems to me you have to go to the source. Contact Berretta.
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