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    I’m clearing out some “overspill” in form of 5 sets of Sako original mounts.

    2 high 1 inch/25,4mm 125USD/set
    1 medium 1 inch/25,4mm 100USD/ One set left.
    1 medium 26mm 100USD/set

    Condition as shown and international shipping is included. More pics available.

    You can tell they have been used as seen in pics. A0B5EC01-D56A-4190-9FA2-9B32F2912CF2.jpeg 97AD4449-D2E5-46CF-BC71-49EE60BB412D.jpeg 158036A9-1C1B-4670-8C02-698613634E4C.jpeg CADF42C6-3E13-4A5D-AC00-47333F1C4FB4.jpeg 7C3E30C3-562D-434C-8BED-8E5C17BA9E1D.jpeg A264E6A3-1B81-45AB-8A50-4909EAC09385.jpeg 30611331-8516-471F-AAEE-80B6A7FAC98B.jpeg 7F9ACD93-2D39-4F44-AA01-411C1C5825AB.jpeg F82E43F1-DE78-4739-B000-22DE9911BCDC.jpeg 6BD2A798-9B6F-44D8-B9F7-D2ECBE5EF635.jpeg E2EB2E56-62E9-437F-AF29-856F0C0D9A1B.jpeg D320D45B-D813-4C32-AE5F-5DA9EF8FE821.jpeg 7A1337FE-E3BB-419E-A5B3-43277A1BCB11.jpeg 43DB7088-8100-42C0-B9B4-2D3BB7BAB850.jpeg 85146C01-659A-44D7-960D-888A19F61D72.jpeg Will fit working rifles well but perhaps not safe queens.

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