Sako made on non sako action

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    Here's something a bit unusual. Sako 243 on a 303 SMLE action.

    Calibre/Item: 243W
    Make: Sako
    Model: No 4
    Action: Bolt repeater
    Serial No: SE1535
    Condition: Fair
    Price: $600
    Advertised: 10/10/2019
    Licence number: 50001487
    Phone: 0429637729
    Comment: This is one of the unusual Sako Factory Conversions. Only 670 approx were done for an Australian Importer in the 60´s. Has the Genuine Sako open sights and Barrel marked Bofors.
    Transfering dealer: Bartley Rural Guns & Gear Qld
    [​IMG] State: QLD


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