Firearms International Sako Forester L579 Bolt Action Rife 243 Win

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    Sako Forester L579 Bolt Action Rife 243 Winchester

    The Sako Forester L579 .243 Medium action is a fantastic rifle. This one looks like it was bought new in 1970 and put away in a safe and only out to hunt and clean it occasionally. It’s marked “FIREARMS INT’L CORP., WASH. DC.”

    The metal and bluing is very nice with some wear near the muzzle. The stock has a few small dings that I’ve pictured plus a few even smaller. The action screws look pretty good as if the action has been out of the stock only a few times. I’ve never had it out. The rifle weighs in at seven pounds and one ounce, plus scope and rings.

    It comes with Leupold medium height mounts and rings for the Sake bases, and also the Weaver 4x38 scope. (This Japanese-made scope is under-appreciated, and is my favorite. I went to buy a Leupold 4X and liked the Weaver much better - try it and you might like it.)

    I bought it a few years ago because I’ve always wanted one. Now it looks like I won’t be hunting anymore, so someone else will have a chance at this beauty. I’ve never fired it.You can have a three-day inspection from delivery to your FFL that does not include firing it or removing the action from the stock or otherwise messing up any screws.

    Terms: $650 for the rifle and the mounted scope, by United States Postal Service Money Order, and to be delivered to your FFL. If you want insurance we can discuss that, but it’s probably around $10. If you’re outside the continental United States we can discuss shipping and insurance costs - basically, Alaska and Hawaii will be a little higher.

    I will be glad to discuss it with you by private message, but the first person who posts “I’ll take it” gets it, regardless of any on-going PM discussions. It will likely be listed on several sites, so please be aware that the rifle can be sold at any time.

    Good luck!


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