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    Back in the 60’s and 70’s did Sako run a custom gun shop for special orders. Could a dealer place a special gun order thru Firearms International or Garcia such as;
    Special very select Walnut for stock
    Monte Carlo stock with a high comb on the cheek part rolling over to the opposite side of stock
    Special Checkering

    Were these services offered. Most major gun makers back in the day did offer these services.

    Thank You
    Model 52

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    This subject comes up now and again. Sako did make some one-off pieces that were customized for particular people. I own what appears to be a presentation model made for a long-time employee, and there are several examples of one-of-a-kind Sakos in the Finnish Hunting Museum located not far from the factory in Riihimaki.

    However, these one-off pieces were typically for "insiders" as Sako had no formal custom shop and it appears they did not take orders for individuals, even through their distributors like FI or Garcia. Sako did (and occasionally still does) make special runs of a particular rifle like the GO Wholesale .280 Remingtons back in the 1980's and the more recent Cabela's Finnbears. There has also been an NRA gun of the year, and a King Ranch model. As opposed to a custom-made rifle, these were all produced in quantities of several hundred or more and all rifles in the run were identical.

    Through the years there have been quite a few of these "special" editions like a Gander Mountain heavy barreled Mannlicher and several models made for and distributed solely in Australia by D. W. Custer, the former Australian importer.
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