Sako A7 Range Rifle Stock replacement

Discussion in 'Sako 75, 85 and A7' started by Quercus_alba, Feb 12, 2020.

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    Stock's fore end is horribly flexible. I've been looking at McMillan But have thought about Bell and Carlson or possibly boyds. Does anyone have any other suggestions?


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    I've replaced my A7's stock with the B&C M40 Style Varmint/Tactical. I can confirm the fore end is stiffer that the one on the factory stock(other than that they're identical). I wanted a McMillan but those are double or triple the price, plus takes half a year to get one made and shipped. Too bad B&C doesn't make a target/tactical version for A7's with an adjustable comb, my scope is not in line with my eyes when resting my cheek against the comb.
    Too bad no one makes DBM for this stock, I really want to get rid of the plastic magazine.

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