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Sako A3 375 H&H Bolt Needed

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Hi Everyone,

I recently inherited a Sako A3 375 H&H (synthetic stock) without a bolt (unless it turns up). Wondering if the bolts are difficult to come by and/or how expensive they are. I inherited a few other rifles that have a lot more appeal and would get more use, so while I hate to scrap this one, I must admit I'd be tempted. Any advice is appreciated.

Thank you!


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I wouldn’t scrap it. Someone here may have a bolt. If not there are a few places you can look online. Sounds like a great rifle hopefully the original bolt will show up. Welcome to the forum!


Thanks BLip! Also, do you, or anyone, have an opinion on the fiberglass stock they put on these rifles? If I do find a bolt, I may consider pros/cons of changing to wood stock.



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Years ago people put the bolts to their rifles in a sock (separate) and hid them away in a drawer somewhere or wherever.
Reason that if rifle was stolen from home the thief could not shoot the thing, and had no resale value at the pawn shops.
Most people I knew then kept their rifles under a bed. Right where the crooks like to look. Even with owning a safe I still
separate my bolts to a secure hideout for that reason. If I can't have it no one will have it....
Might want to go thru all boxes and things of the passed person before dumping their stuff at Goodwill...if it's not
too late...Bank boxes also. Location might be written on a card in a book also. Found a combination once in a bible.
What heathen would look there? lol
Good luck...