Short Actions Rimfire trigger on L461 ?

Discussion in 'Sako Short Actions' started by Foxhunter223, Mar 16, 2021.

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    Hi All,
    I was looking through old posts the other day and noticed that the Sako L461 target trigger I bought and fitted a few years ago might not be the correct unit for my L461. It works fine, but the trigger weight adjustment does not alter the trigger weight. I new the previous owner had shortened the trigger length but he said it was to make it fit the trigger guard. Anyway, looking at some old posts and saw a post of a M78 with the same trigger. I then dug out the other Sako Target trigger I recently bought for a Sako A1 Varmint 222 I am putting together and it is different.

    Back view

    Bottom view. Has the trigger weight screw in place. See front view.

    Front view, notice no trigger weight spring or the lever to attach it to. The adjustment screw is there.

    Side view. Notice trigger over travel screw is on the side.

    Even though the trigger works and is very good to use I am wondering if it is safe. It passes all my drop and bump tests. But I am now a bit concerned that is may have missing pieces which could render it dangerous it certain conditions ? People who have had experience with these triggers I would really appreciate your thoughts on what I should do here. I still have the original trigger it came with when I bought it in 1973.


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