Recommend me a scope size for both a .300win mag and a 22/250

Discussion in 'Sako 75, 85 and A7' started by jabberwoki, Feb 7, 2019.

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    Trying to save $ after sending a wallet destroying cheque for 2 new guns.
    Uses would be hunting and target, something suitable for the ballistics of both rifles.
    Just looking for magnification recommendations first.

    Thanks Steve.


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    To recommend a scope, we should have more information about what the rifles will be used for. What game, what range, full daylight or dim light?

    Also, it sounds like you ant to use one scope for two guns. Don't forget that any time you move the scope from one un to another, you have to re-zero it. There is one exception to that, the old Bausch & Lomb externally-adjusting Balvar 8. The 2.5-8x range is suitable for many uses, and since the adjustments are in the mount rather than in the scope, theoretically you can switch a scope with a minimum loss of zero. Indexing isn't perfect, but it's an option. And, the scopes and mounts are not terribly expensive, and readily available on eBay and GunBroker, and there is also a specialist dealer selling them on the Internet. You can get one scope and two mounts, then get a second scope when you can afford it. The old Balvars are quite good optically; I and several other members of this forum have them on older Sako rifles. If you are using the Sako mounts; it's a good idea to replace the set screws with brass to avoid marring the gun.

    I have never tried swapping one Balvar between two rifles, but I have read that it can be done. If anyone has personal experience with this, please comment.

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