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Sako Re-chamber 75 IV .280

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Having issues finding .280 ammo more and more. Getting expensive, always out of stock. Wondering if I can re-chamber .280? Is it worth it


Having issues finding .280 ammo more and more. Getting expensive, always out of stock. Wondering if I can re-chamber .280? Is it worth it
Simply put, don’t do it. Ammo Seek has a couple of variations in stock. Buy as much as you can afford and use it wisely. Save the brass for future endeavors. Even if you don’t reload, custom reloaders can do it for you.

About the only decent option is to rebore to .30-06, Then your rifle loses any sort of collector’s value. 75’s depending on condition and configuration are starting to rise in value. A.280 Remington is a great rifle to own. Be patient, don’t do it. My .02 cents.
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I can't express more support for becoming more aggressive in your ammo search. Join many more forums and ask, ask, ask! What is the worst thing that can happen? You can only fail but it won't hurt, I promise. Make some phone calls to some of the ammo manufacturers. That won't hurt, either. Never be afraid of becoming a reloader. Remember that all the indigenous people made their own arrows.


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Have you contacted Hendershots Ammo? Check out their website for custom ammo.
They can load what you may be interested in. although they only have Nosler brass for .280 at this time
I needed .300 H&H ammo a couple of years ago & ordered a couple of boxes from them. I was pleased with their product.
I’m glad to hear you guys think that. I love that rifle and you don’t see many deluxe.280’s out there. I can’t really find any info on it on the Sako site. When I look up IV chambering it doesn’t show there is even a .280 available. It’s a Stoeger import can’t find anything there either? The .280 is very accurate for me. I like better that my 30-06 for recoils shoots almost as flat as my .243. At least I think so