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Discussion in 'Other firearms built on Sako actions' started by C w S, Oct 21, 2020.

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    Ok, my first post here, but certainly not new to firearms!

    I have a Beretta 501S in 308 that I picked up some time ago as an unfired/in box rifle. It's a Beretta barreled/stocked rifle with a round top Sako AII action.

    I finally got around to trying it, test firing it with the iron sights. Appears to be a very well made and nicely fitted/balanced little rifle. Bore looks absolutely beautiful. (Beretta made?)

    My question really is about the inletting....I noticed the wood is inletted very precisely and tightly around the entire action, and tightly against the barrel all the way down the forend. If I squeeze the forend and barrel together, tightly towards the end, I can feel a bit of tight shifting/binding between wood stock and barrel.

    Basically what I am asking here, is if the barrel is supposed to have some upwards pressure from a tightly fitted forend, or is it rather supposed to have a very fine barrel channel that is perhaps non-existent from wood shrinkage?

    Anyone own a Beretta 501S series rifle that can offer up some advise? thanks CS


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    I find the Beretta 500 series both fascinating and underappreciated. Congratulations on owning one. Yes, both the stock and the barrel appear to be Beretta products, particularly judging from the Italian proof marks on the barrel. The action is unique and made especially for Beretta (this was long before Beretta had any ownership interest in Sako). The action is actually marked "Beretta".

    I also have a Beretta 501 in .308. Don't worry about the bedding unless you run into an accuracy problem that can't be traced anywhere else. Recent fads have placed WAY too much importance on free-floating barrels. My 501 is very accurate. It took exactly three shots to zero it -- one to find the target, then after adjusting the scope, two more in the same hole centered 2 inches above the bull at 100 yards. A few days later it took a Mule Deer at about 175 yards.

    I'm also lucky enough to own a 500 (A-I action) in .222 and a 502 (A-V action) in .30-06. The .222 shoots great; the '06 is still unfired.

    Here's a thread on the Beretta 500:

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