Sako TRGs Question on SAKO TRG-S M995 in 7mm Rem

Discussion in 'Sako TRGs' started by Guest, Jan 5, 2006.

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    I am looking at buying a SAKO TRGS NIB for less than 500$ in 7mm rem mag.
    How long is the barrel?
    How are these discontinued guns, GOOD SHOOTERS, RELIABLE?
    Does it have a fixed ejector or plunger?
    How does the stock compare with the 75 synthetic in terms of stiffness?
    How is the detach mag? DOes it have the same release as the 75?


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    Hi, I have a TRG-S Carbine in 375 H&H; Mag. I'm sorry for the slow response, but I just joined today and saw your post.
    I bought mine new in about 1996. I think it was around $675. I traded it off a year or two later, soon regretted it, and spent a couple of years looking for another. Then, the very same rifle I had before came through the shop again, and I got it back.

    Your questions:
    -First, I know you didn't ask, but the price sounds great.

    -My manual says the barrel length on Magnums is 24.5". However- It lists the Carbine at 20.5", but I think mine is more like 19.5".

    -Good shooter? Yes, I think it shoots very well. I was surprised at how well I could shoot mine as hard as the recoil is. I don't recall that I've ever cracked the one inch group mark, but it's been close a few times. I really haven't done much load development with it. In fact, I've done very little bench shooting. I can tolerate shooting it offhand, but from the bench, a rifle in 375 H&H; that weighs less than many M16s can sting.

    -Reliable? So far. It feeds from the magazine smoothly, always fires, always ejects. The only complaint here is that the magazine detached itself under recoil once, maybe twice. If I were going after something really dangerous, I would either install a stronger spring on the catch or look at installing the mag permanently.

    -The ejector is the plunger-type.

    -How does the stock compare to the 75? I've never handled a 75, but- The forend is pretty flexible. I can easily move it around by holding the barrel and pushing against the side of the forend with my thumb. The barrel is floated, so it isn't that big of a deal, but I could see the possibility of resting it against something in the field which would bend the stock into contact with the barrel- just a perhaps.

    Magazine- Mostly answered above. I need to see a 75 to see how the release compares.

    Overall, I like it. It's very accurate. It works. The only problem has been the mag self-releasing once or twice, and that can probably be corrected. The trigger is incredible- people always love that trigger when I let them shoot it. The stock could be stiffer in the forend area, but it's OK I guess.
    From what I've seen in pictures and writeups of 75s, they are very similar but still different.
    I wish I had some more TRG-Ss. I can think of several calibers and configuarations that would be nice to have.
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    Just joined hence the late reply...I have a .340 Weatherby rifle and a .375 H&H carbine in this model....have not shot the .375 yet but the .340 put its first three factory 200s into a half inch at 100....subsequent handloads did not fare nearly so well and I'm still looking for one that will put the 225 Hornadys into an inch....
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    I have an M995 in 300 Win Mag, the barrel is 24-3/8",

    It has a plunger ejector

    the magazine has a plastic bottom and the release is different than the 75.

    They have the same tapered dovetail scope mount setup as most other Sakos.

    The synthetic stock is stiffer than the 75 factory synthetic.

    They are discontinued but the Sako sniper rigs...TRG-22 and TRG-42 use a very similiar receiver and bolt with a different scope mount setup and bottom metal...

    I've had it for 4 months and haven't fired it yet....
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    I have one in 338 lapua. It was gift. Very accurate. Would love to have in 6.5

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