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    Hey guys, long time reader, first time poster.

    After a regretful sale 5 years ago, I sold a 75 hunter chambered in .308 in near new condition, reason for sale is was that I wanted an older A2 hunter in .308 as my father has one and I could definitely see the workmanship details between the two rifles (the 75 was still a fine piece of machinery).

    Five years of looking and I’ve finally found a rifle that I could not be happier with, it’s an AV model hunter chambered in .270 in almost new condition. I wasn’t looking for a .270 but I couldn’t let this one slip, after all I want it for deer so I thing this caliber will do just fine. While I mentioned earlier that the 75 was a fine piece of machinery, I must certainly say that the older models are ‘fine pieces of art’. I now have a pigeon pair of rifle with the old man and couldn’t be happier. I have topped it with a German made Leica ER 3.5-14x42 which I think compliments the rifle nicely.

    One thing I did notice compared to the A2 was the weight of the rifle, quite heavier I must say, even noticed the thicknesses of the bolts as shown in the photo. Am I right to say this model was designed for the bigger magnum calibers, that’s why it’s heavier?


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