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Discussion in 'Sako Rimfires and Small Action Rifles' started by rowdy, Sep 26, 2019.

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    Hi All,

    I came across a Finnfire P94S Varmint barrel rifle the other day. It had a very good looking walnut stock, and a serial number in the 890 xxx

    What set this apart from the P94S Varmint I already own was the buttplate which was in plastic with Sako Finland on it like some of my older Sako's. My current Sako Finnfire has the usual rubber buttplate.

    The other difference was the lettering on both the barrel and the receiver. It is the same as my current gun but was all done in gold, and from what i can tell was done so originally.

    Would anyone be able to help me to understand why this Finnfire is different to my existing gun?

    I am thinking about buying it so would like to know if anyone has seen one similar to what I've described.

    Many Thanks,


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