P94 P94S Varmint torque/accuracy

Discussion in 'Sako Rimfires and Small Action Rifles' started by Mick 75-i, Oct 8, 2019.

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    So the new P94S Varmint proved to be a bit fussy on the weekend, granted it was windy from all directions and definitely not ideal conditions to be testing a rifle. I gave it a go with SK rifle match, SK pistol match, Center-x and RWS special match s.

    Action screws were both at 23 in/lb which may have been a bit on the light side.

    I torqued the screws up to 30 in/lb and tried again the following day, still some vertical stringing but definitely made a little difference. I have now set them to 31 on the front and 26 on the rear after hearing they may not like to be set the same. I plan to give it another try this weekend in hopefully better conditions.

    My question is, what do others here set there action screws to on their P94S walnut stocked rifles?

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