Sako P04R Quad & FinnFire II Cleaning Rod Guide

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    I apologize if my post is a duplicate, but I couldn't find a thread that addressed cleaning rod guides for the P04R (Quad & FinnFire II) actions. Granted, whether centerfire or rimfire I clean my barrels sparingly as I believe that more barrels have been ruined through overcleaning than through "undercleaning".

    However, there are times when cleaning is warranted, and I've seen people on other forums ask about cleaning rod guides (sometimes called bore guides), for the Quad. Since the Quad & FinnFire II use the P04R action a cleaning rod guide that works in the Quad works the FinnFire II as well.

    Personally, I like Delrin Bore Guides from Mike Lucas. I've been using Lucas Guides for about 10 years now because they work great. Lucas makes his guides on a made-to-order basis so expect about a two week lead time, but they're very high quality and fit perfectly so IMHO they're worth the wait.

    Lucas Guides consist of two pieces: a Guide, and an Insert. Guides have a solvent slot at the 12 O'Clock position so you can wet a patch or brush before running it down the bore, and an O-ring at the start of the bore prevents solvent from flowing back into the action.

    The Insert fits inside the rear of the Guide and the cleaning rod rides inside of the Insert, keeping the cleaning rod from touching the bore. The Insert also has an O-ring to keep solvent from seeping out the back of the Insert.

    NOTE: An important feature of Lucas' P04R Bore Guide is that the first 1.9600" of the lower half of the "nose" of the Guide is cut away for ejector clearance. Without the cut away, the wire ejector would be damaged when the Guide is pushed forward to the breech. For those who use Lucas centerfire guides, note that the P04R Bore Guide lacks the snout and O-ring present on centerfire guides. Of course, the Insert has an O-ring at the rear to prevent solvent seepage. See photos of my Lucas P04R Sako Quad/FinnFire II Bore Guide and Insert below.

    Lucas sells his Bore Guides and Inserts separately, since Guides are common between a given short or long action from the same manufacturer and only the Insert needs to be changed to accommodate a different caliber. For instance, a Lucas Guide for a short action Remington 700 can be used to clean a .308 and a .223 by a simple Insert change.

    To order a Bore Guide and Insert for a Sako Quad, state that you want a Bore Guide for a Sako Quad and specify the brand and type of rod to be used (coated or un-coated Dewey, carbon fiber Tipton, ect), and the caliber of the rod itself. I use a .17 caliber Dewey rod to clean my .22 caliber and .17HMR Lilja barrels.

    It's been a few years since I bought Guides & Inserts from Lucas, but IIRC the Guides were $38.00 each and the Inserts were $8.00 each, plus Shipping in 2017. Below is Lucas' contact info:

    Mike Lucas
    225 Brown's River Road
    Lexington, SC 29072-9453
    (803) 356-0282

    Top of Sako Quad Lucas Bore Guide has Solvent Slot (Insert not installed):

    Bottom of Sako Quad Lucas Bore Guide (Insert not installed):

    With the Guide only partially inserted you can see the wire ejector of the P04R in my Quad's action:

    Here the Guide is fully with the nose resting against the breech in the P04R action:

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