Original Sako Ringmounts in 26mm

Discussion in 'SCC Trade Corner' started by stonecreek, Oct 19, 2019.

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    I discovered that some original Sako rings I bought were 26mm instead of 25.4mm. Although they'll work with a 1" tube with some very thin bushing, I know there are guys out there with classic European scopes (or old Kollmorgen's) who need a set of these for their 26mm tubes. Their finish is extremely good bright blue. Height is medium (clears a 42mm objective in most uses). The tiny indexing lug on the rear mount has been shaved off to allow it to sit further forward on the dovetail. The ring screws are good with only a couple of them showing slight screwdriver slippage. Price is $150 shipped to U.S. address. I will ship to overseas addresses for the additional cost of postage. Contact me by Private Conversation.

    DSC01977 (1024x455).jpg
    DSC01978 (1024x576).jpg

    DSC01979 (1024x786).jpg


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