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    We seem to be receiving several orders each week for factory records -- that's great and the small charge for that service helps pay for the Club's costs of the web registration, servers, and professional maintenance for our site.

    However, our researcher tells us that quite a few requests have been coming in for models or serial numbers that are beyond the limits of our records. When this happens the researcher has to email the requester to say that the order can't be processed, then manually refund the fee to the requester. This takes time away from the processing of other orders. Please be sure that your Sako is within the Models and Serial Numbers listed on the ordering site:


    P46 0001-9500
    P54 20001-42052
    L46/L469 through 59050 (including some transitional L461´s)
    L461 through 111849
    L57/L579 through 115300
    L61R through 48900
    VL63 through 10500
    M39 200,001-510810
    M28-30 35710-72920

    Another problem is that people often fail to include the model and serial number they wish to have researched. Be sure to include that information in the comments box during the checkout process. Otherwise, our researcher will have to email you to get that information which delays processing.

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