optilock 34mm can be fitted to standard bases?

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous Sako parts' started by Valeriotp, Oct 19, 2018.

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    I need to change the scope on my 222Rem Vixen and I choose a Smidht & Bender PM II, with a 34mm tube. I’d like to put new 34mm optioock rings on my old bases, but on the official website it seems that this rings are not suitable for standard bases but they need new “HD” bases, even if I didn’t fine any HD bases in the website shop. Anyone knows if 34mm rings can be fitted to standard bases as any other diameter optilock rigs, or can suggests me where to find “HD” bases?
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    You can use 34 mm "tactical" rings with the normal bases. Though those rings don't have the polymer insert, so the installation takes a bit more work with getting the rings to align as good as possible and maybe lapping the rings too. Also the tactical ones are phosphate coated, so the looks are not the best. But no need to wait for some future HD rings and bases.

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