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    For the lovers of older Sako's

    As I said in the Sako Enfield thread, I have a lot of old magazines. This is the earliest ad I've found so far.

    Using the RBA inflation calculator- The sporter would be roughly $1900 in today's dollars (Aus dollars), the Mannlicher $2100 and the .270 $2300. Add another $1000+ to buy any of those today!

    The 22H ammo converts to $133 per 100 and the 222 as $223 /100.
    A quick online check with a major Sydney gunshop and cheap 22H ammo is $78 /100, there is a lot of choice in the $78-$158 /100 range (no Sako factory ammo in Aus at present for direct comparison).

    Sako factory .222 ammo is $165 /100. Cheap .222 is $115 /100;
    .222 would have been very popular in 1955, I'm guessing similar to .223 today, so from a cost comparison angle - a lot of good .223 is $100 /100 or less today. (Tikka is $140 /100; Sako is $165 /100)

    The 25/20 converts to $190 today; factory ammo is $260 -$310 /100

    That 270 ammo converts to $400 /100 today (ouch!). Remington factory 270 ammo is $200 /100.




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