Oddball Sako Rings,Scope Mount, and Front Sight

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    Here are a few oddities I've acquired over the years. If anybody can help identify them, I'd much appreciate it.

    First up is a set of 26mm rings that I got with an FN-Sako that I believe was a GI bringback from Germany. They look just like regular Sako rings except for two things: The left side windage adjustment is secured with a set screw arrangement rather than a click stop, and they have no markings whatsoever. My best guess is that they were made by somebody in Germany, but that's a guess. The rifle came to me mounted with a B. Nickel-Marburg variable with a 26mm tube.

    06 Scope Left.JPG 06 Scope Right.JPG

    Next up, a twofer. First is a set of late/old style Sako rings with QD levers in place of the large thumb nuts. I'm wondering if somebody in Europe was selling these levers as a conversion for Sako rings, or if maybe somebody just found a set of levers somewhere that fit the thread on the Sako and swapped them out. I'm assuming European origin because the levers are obviously a metric thread, and the rifle they were on is a custom that was built in Finland. The rifle itself is interesting. It's a sporting conversion of a Sako model 39 military rifle. I cannot verify whether it was done by Sako or a private gunsmith. It has a scope mount that is tapered to take Sako dovetail rings, soldered to the flat top of the hex receiver. The channel down the middle seems to be intended so you can use the iron sights if you take off the scope, but it's a bit high for that to work well. The whole thing is a very professional looking job. I'm thinking the mount was probably a limited-production item by some small manufacturer in Finland, but I've never seen another one like it, either personally or in a photo.

    Late High Ring QD 1.JPG Late High Ring QD 2.JPG H6.JPG H8.JPG H9.JPG

    And finally, here's a front sight that is supposedly for an L46. I got it in a batch of L46 parts, and everything else was dinkum. However, since L46 factory sights were soldered on, this obviously is not that. The sight blade is held in with a roll pin, the distance between mounting holes is 1-1/2 inches, and the mounting screws with it are 6-48, not M3.5. There is no slot for a sight hood. It is unmarked. I'm thinking it's a US-made sight, possibly used on one of the US variants of the L46 marketed by Sears, Wards, Marlin, etc., or possibly just stuck in my batch of Sako parts by mistake.
    Unkown Sight.JPG

    And one non-Sako bonus item. This oval is on the bottom of the buttstock of an Interarms-Manchester Mark X on a Yugoslavian Mauser action. I imagine it's intended for somebody to put his initial or family crest or something, yes? It's sloppily applied and some of the coloring appears to have slipped out from under the protective coating. The material appears to be gold paint, faded by time.
    Oval On Mark X.JPG
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    Very cool. Love thinking about clied like these

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