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    Hi guys,

    I’m a bit late to the party but have been watching the site for a while as I’ve been looking for a genuine TriAce for some years.

    As luck would have it, on a trawl through the Australian online gun sale websites recently I saw an ad for a TriAce but the vendor (a dealer) had not had time to upload photos so the ad was very plain and, I think because of that, he had had only two enquires. Having ascertained that it was a true TriAce and not a 3-in-1 or a 22-32, I told him I’d buy it as long as the 32 barrel was not bulged/ringed. I was assured it wasn’t, and a deal was struck: purchase price including postage and transfer fee was A$1385 (say US$940). Serial numbers are: frame - 811***, 22Short - 802***, 32S&WL - 809*** and 22LR - 810***).

    The serial numbers are interesting because the frame, 22LR and 32 conversions all post date the intoduction of the TriAce (based on dates from the Sako website) whereas the 22Short s/n is of the 22-32 era. I am supposing here that the serial numbers are all unique, i.e. there is no duplication of numbers between frames and conversions. The 22Short has a satin chromed slide whereas the other two conversions are all black. The set is a true TriAce - conversions all have the top rib and the frame has the long underlug and horizontal trigger guard; there is a hold-open lever (I think introduced on the TriAce) but no safety so it is not a US import.

    As received, the frame and conversions were filthy and the grips were well modified/butchered; the (proper) case was pretty tatty (and no key) but all the bits were there including all magazines, cleaning rod, complete tool roll (including 7 buffers and rear sight leaves but no replacement front sights) and original manual. I don’t know if test targets were ever sent out with these pistols.

    On stripping, I was disappointed to find rust and pitting on both sides of the frame and on the back and front straps, but the bores are all bright and shiny. However, after a bath, everything was cleaned and lubricated and checked over. The only new part needed appears to be the hammer stop (p/n #19). A Rink grip has been ordered.

    The pistol was totally out of adjustment and when I removed the 32 conversion from the frame, the recoil buffer fell out. I recall having seen this pistol up for sale a couple of years prior (recognised by the photo and a distinctive stain on the manual); I think the purchaser had not properly understood the pistol and how it should be set up so had become dissatisfied and sold it on - to my advantage!

    Apart from the crud to be cleaned off and rust to be neutralised, sanded off and re"blued", everything had to be readjusted from the sear engagement though first stage trigger pressure and free movement, to total trigger weight (not to mention sights) - and no buffers were fitted!

    Now, all has been sorted (frame and trigger and each conversion has been trigger weight adjusted and a recoil buffer fitted - properly) and it is such a great pistol. Amazingly accurate and well balanced. Recoil is low due to the barrel and shroud mass I think. I LOVE IT! Begs comparison with my Walther GSP but, I reckon it is better.

    I don’t know if @greg998, @finatic, @Haldo, @dhv, @Front Sight or @Jason1971 (all Aussies) are still in touch with this forum, but if so, I’d really appreciate hooking up. @Lenny is a fellow club pistol member and so we are in touch. Please PM me guys.

    I really would like to locate a supply of certain spares such as firing pins, sear springs and recoil buffers. I think I have a source for some in Sweden but our local Sako agent (Beretta Australia) says that parts are no longer available from Sako Finland. The parts that Beretta had were, apparently, bought up lock, stock and barrel by some enterprising guys 5 years or so ago. Where they are now I’d love to know. Any clues for sources would be appreciated. Forum member Markus in Sweden located some in 2016 and I have emailed the agents he identified but have yet to hear back. "@rafu" also identified a Finnish agent who might have something but all these links are quite old now. If anything comes of them I’ll post.

    Here’s to the TriAce - long shall it live.


    PS I could have posted pictures but my TriAce looks like any other TriAce so no real reason to do so.
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