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Discussion in 'Sako Mannlichers and Carbines' started by DaveG_NJ, Oct 6, 2018.

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    Hi everyone,

    I picked up a new Bavarian Carbine in .243 Win recently and had it out to the range to see what kind of ammo it likes. Such a beautiful rifle! Over the course of 3 days, I tried quite a few different factory rounds, from 58 gr through 105 gr. Here were my observations:

    1. The rifle liked the Sako 100 gr Gamepoints the best. With a cold barrel, these shot well below MOA with most groups in the 0.43" to 0.75" range at 100 yards.
    2. Next to the Sako Gamepoints, the rifle liked Federal Fusion 95 gr next. About half the groups were sub-MOA.
    3. The worst performing ammo was some 90 gr PPU rounds that I had. Not surprising, I suppose that the most expensive round did the best and the least expensive did the worst. There were some exceptions, though - the 97 gr Browning BRX shot poorly as did the 70 gr Federal Nosler ballistic tips.
    4. The 105 grs would not stabilize with the long twist of this rifle and would spray and keyhole. Those were Copper Creek Berger Hybrids that I had purchased for my Ruger Precision Rifle. 100 gr seems to be the upper limit for the 10" twist.
    5. Once the barrel got hot, accuracy dropped off and groups would open up to about the 1.5" range at 100 yrds.
    6. The set trigger is fantastic for benchrest shooting.
    7. The fit, finish and function of the rifle is exceptional.

    My take-aways from this exercise is to 1) stick with the Sako ammo (I don't handload) and 2) this is not a range gun.

    Does this all this sound about right for a Sako? It's my first.

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