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Mounting a leica tempus asph on a Sako 85

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Oct 19, 2019
Has anyone Mounted a leica tempus asph red dot on a Sako 85? I’m not wanting to put a full rail, just a front mount (or rear, which ever works best), I’m having trouble finding a suitable mount.

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I assume you will be using the Picatinny/Weaver style mount option on the Leica. If so about the only thing I can think of, without installing a full rail, would be to find one of the old Weaver style bases that drive on to the dovetails, either front of rear. No drilling required. If you don't mind drilling & tapping the dovetail tops any flat bottom Weaver base will work or cut a section of flat bottom Picatinny rail to the length needed to fit either dovetail, then drill holes in it to match the D&T'd holes you put in the dovetails. Remember the Picatinny lug is thicker than the Weaver, so which Leica mount you use may affect what base you choose. Put a want to buy ad here & a member may have something that will work or click on SakoSource in the upper right of this page and see if Rodger has anything suitable.
The clamps on that makugel thing look appropriate to the SAKO angled doevtails...

FWIW, I've used small reflex sights (Burris FastFire, FastFire 3) on a couple lightweight bolt rifles... on an AR... and on hunting handguns... all with decent success. Not as expensive as the Leica. :)

Looks like the MAKugel mount will clamp to the Sako dovetail. If you decide not to go that way, you may want to consider Trijicon. Don't know if they are available in OZ, but the Trijicon RMR ( both the battery powered one & the non-battery tritium sight) has a multitude of mount options. I think your Leica is aimed at the pistol market & the various "Doctor" mounts for all the semi-auto pistols. The large reflex dots on the Leica could also be a hinderance at more distant targets. I have a Trijicon tritium (non-battery) one with the triangle reticle & Picatinny base. Use it on both pistol & rifle. You can see the triangle in total darkness. Using the tip of the triangle as an aiming point provides remarkable precision. Using the whole triangle on close or moving targets is easier than any dot I have tried. Never having to change or worry about a battery is a joy. I will never use a battery power reflex sight ever again. Good luck in your quest.
I did consider one of the Leupold dot sights, with the triangular "reticle" and my guess at the time was as you say: the point of the triangle would be great for precision, the whole triangle great for speed.

I agree about dot size. I've got a C-More with 2-MOA dot and previously I had an Aimpoint with 2-MOA dot... both gave me a feeling of being capable of more precise aiming that the 3-MOA dots in the FastFires. OTOH, the Aimpoint was big and heavy, so the dot-size trade-off has been OK.

Dimming/brightness control is a useful thing for that; a 3-MOA dot at a dim-but-bright-enough setting appears smaller than a 3-MOA dot at it's brightest setting.

FWIW, I don't find the 3-MOA dot much different -- relative to aiming precision -- from a peep sight... although I'd prefer a smaller dot for almost all of my usage. OTOH, Burris' new (coming soon?) FastFire 4 with four different "reticle" options seems interesting, and I'm considering something like that for an AR and for a hunting handgun... neither of which needs a particularly long-distance focus.

I've not ever had to change a battery in any of these over the course of 15 years or so... although some of that speaks to how often I get out, with a reflex sight...

Thanks for the input fellas.

I’ve decided to go with an aimpoint micro h2 in 2moa. Mount for the Sako was included, much tougher unit and 5yr battery life sold me.

I put 30 shots through the rifle tonight and it is going to work really well.

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