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Magnum action

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This May have been covered before but I would like to know, will an 8 mm Rem Mag cartridge be able to fit in the magazine box of a magnum action L61R ( eg. A 7 mm Rem Mag)?
I am thinking of rebarrel to the 8mm RM.
Thanks for any help ......
Yes. The SAAMI specified overall length for the 8mm Rem is the same as the .375 H&H, 3.600 inches. The L61R magazine box is just barely longer by a few one-hundreths. You won't have room to seat the bullets out any longer than SAAMI specs, but all factory ammunition will fit in the magazine.

I once owned an L61R which was originally 7mm Rem Mag and had it rechambered to 7mm STW -- the same case as the 8mm Rem Mag. It worked just fine, although very long bullets did have to seat somewhat below the base of the neck.

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