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Carbine L61R Question

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Hey all,
Anyone have info as to how many L61R Finnbear Carbine's were made in 1971? A poster on this site had provided info that my 7mm mag. was one of 196. Curious as to the total production.

"Made" (inspected) in 1971 or shipped in 1971 -- there's a difference. It would be very impractical to find the number inspected in the year 1971 since the serial numbers are not tied in any consist way with the date of inspection and those marked "Mann" or "M" in the inspection records are scattered all over creation.

However, the shipping records are arranged by date and caliber, and by 1971 also by configuration (Deluxe, Mannlicher, HB, etc.). So it isn't too hard to find how many of a particular configuration and caliber were shipped in 1971. For instance, there were 42 caliber .222 Mannlichers with 24" barrels shipped in 1971 (but none of them to the U.S.) However, in that year there were also 51 caliber .222 Mannlichers with 20" barrels, all shipped to the U.S. -- 46 in January to FI and 5 more in June to Garcia.